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Reject ISU President Ottavio Cinquanta's Figure Skating Proposals for the 2014 ISU Congress.

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The March 26, 2014 Chicago Tribune  article ‘Figure skating boss proposes radical changes to sport’ included a release of his 7 major proposals for change in the sport of figure skating which he sent to all ISU Committee and Member voting representatives in advance of the June 2014 ISU Congress. These proposals should have all skaters, coaches, officials and fans of the sport shaking in their boots.

Particularly off the wall is his idea to do away with all short programs and short dances – across all disciplines.


For those who have not yet read Cinquanta’s proposals they include:

1. Retain Anonymous Judging.

2. Simplify the IJS Scoring System to make it more understandable to the general fan.

3. All disciplines of Figure Skating should have identical times for all programs (this means long programs).

4. Redefine/Rename the ‘Senior’ category to allow for wider range in age for competitors.

5. Eliminate all Short Programs across all disciplines.

6. Clarify the true difference between the Pairs and Ice Dance disciplines.

7. ISU decide what will be the one Team Skating discipline for the Olympics; the Sochi model or Synchronized Team Skating.

Cinquanta’s letter to ISU Members can be read Here!,0,885489.story?page=2


The most egregious idea of all the above is Proposal No. 5 – Eliminate Short Programs

(Cinquanta’s Reasoning): If almost no other sports are based on two segments there must be a reason. I would like to emphasize that the Short Program (2.50” for every discipline) is practically skated to make sure that the athletes can perform the required elements decided.  But if the required elements are necessary the ISU might put them in the so-called Free Program, the duration of which will be determined by the ISU technical bodies, as already pointed out.   In addition the abolishment of the Short Program might permit to conduct two Championships together: Junior and Elite/Open (or other expressions).


Monica Friedlander’s article for the SF Figure Skating Examiner ‘Skating chief puts short program on the chopping blocklays bare the folly of these proposals and his ridiculous reasoning for them. She writes, “Cinquanta’s pretext for wanting to kill the short program is that other sports are not based on two rounds. So? Figure skating is unique in many ways. It is also the only Winter Olympic sport performed to music. Will Cinquanta make skaters skate to silence?”

Actually his pretext is false. There are many sports that have more than one segment, i.e. Speed Skating  with its qualifying rounds, as well as multi-segment events like Gymnastics and other team sports utilizing qualifying systems, tennis for one, hockey another.

Everyone should read her article Here! 


There is one very important element that Monica did not discuss. Elimination of all Short Programs will financially damage the sport in several ways. It will mean loss of work and income for choreographers and coaches with even less attention being paid to the artistic side of the sport. Host cities, organizing committees, and Federation sponsorship for international competitions will see a great reduction in fan support and travel to view events live. Will major media live coverage providers be willing to cough up the same level of payment for rights to cover a sport that guts their events in half?

Cinquanta’s proposal to do away with all short programs fully demonstrates his total lack of understanding for the sport he leads. He professes no knowledge of the sport and little interest in it.  His continued leadership will truly bring about the death of the sport already in trouble.


If you agree with this petition and want to have an impact on the future of the sport it is important that  you sign it and then forward either a copy of it in full or the link to this page to your nation’s Figure Skating Governing Body. There is a list of all ISU Member Governing Bodies and their Presidents and email addresses below.


We petitioners urge all ISU member federations and associations to defeat these proposals and put forth a motion for a NO CONFIDENCE vote for President Cinquanta and finally begin impeachment proceedings for his immediate resignation or removal from the ISU Presidency.



ISU Federations/Associations Email Addresses

Andorra   -  President: Mrs. Mónica López - General Secretary: Mrs. Raquel Puigcernal

Argentina - President: Dr Jorge Fazio - General Secretary: Ms Maria Luz Carricart

Armenia   -  President:  President: Mr Dario Urssino - General Secretary: Mrs Maria Dolores Cazorla 


Australia  -  President:  Ms Catherine Taylor - Secretary: Mr Sean O'Brien

Austria     - President: Ms Christiane Moerth - General Secretary: Mrs Friederike Worff

Azerbaijan - President: Mr Iskander Khalilov - General Secretary: Mr Ramin Mammadov

Belarus     - President: Mr Mikalai Ananyeu - General Secretary: Ms. Julia Komleva

Belgium    - President: Mr Antoine Van Vossel - General Secretary: Mrs Gaby Deckmyn

Bosnia and Herzegovina - President: Mr Zikrija Donko - General Secretary: Mr Vladimir Kezunovic

Brazil       - President: Mr Emilio De Souza Strapasson - Secretary: Ms. Otilia Faria

Bulgaria    - President: Ms Tatiana Yordanova - General Secretary: Vacant

Canada     - President: Mrs Leanna Caron - Chief Executive Officer: Mr Dan Thompson

China       - President: Mr Tian Xiao - General Secretary: Mr Lixin Tong

Chinese Taipei  - President: Mr Jan-Tar Wang - General Secretary: Mr Rich K.H. Lee

Croatia     - President: Mrs Morana Palikovic-Gruden - General Secretary: Mrs Melita Juratek Cipek

Cyprus      - President: Mr Andreas Georgiades - General Secretary: Mrs Soula Constantinidou

Czech Republic - President: Dr Vera Tauchmanova - General Secretary: Mr Karel Oubrecht

Denmark   - President: Mrs Ingelise Blangsted - General Secretary: Mrs Mariann Vasbo

Estonia     - President: Mr Edgar Savisaar - General Secretary: Mr Gunnar Kuura


Finland     - President: Mrs Susanna Rahkamo - General Secretary: Mrs Leaman

France      - President: Mr Didier Gailhaguet - General Secretary: Mr Francis Fontanie 

Georgia    - President: Ms Mariam Giorgobiani - General Secretary: Ms Salome Chigogidze

Germany   - President: Mr Dieter Hillebrand - General Secretary: Mr Michael Talermann

Great Britain  -  President: Mr Ken Pendrey - Chief Executive: Mr Nicholas Sellwood  

Greece      - President: Mr Georgios Markouizos - General Secretary: Ms Georgia Proimou 

Grenada    - President: Mr Earl Clarkson - General Secretary: Ms Reena Leschinsky

Hong Kong - President: Ms Yin Yip Siu - General Secretary: Mr Kwong Lin Hoi

Hungary    - President: Mr Lajos Kósa - General Secretary: Mr György Sallak

Iceland     - President: Mr Björgvin I. Ormarsson - General Secretary: Mrs Bjarnveig Gujónsdóttir

India        - President: Mr Bhavnesh Banga - General Secretary: Mr Saurabh Gupta

Indonesia  - Chairman: Mr. Ir. H. S. Wibowo S. Hardjito, General Secretary: Drs TB. Ade Lukman

Ireland      - President: Ms Karen O'Sullivan - Vice President: Ms Cindy Mundow

Israel        - President: Mr Boris Chait - General Secretary: Mrs Anna Slavin

Italy         - President: Mr Giancarlo Bolognini - General Secretary: Mr Alberto Berto

Japan        - President: Mrs Seiko Hashimoto - General Secretary: Mr Yoshihito Amano

Kazakhstan - President: Mr Vasily Krylov - General Secretary: Ms Anzjhelika Gavrilova

Latvia        - President: Mrs Marika Nugumanova - General Secretary: Mrs Strautmane Arta

Lithuania    - President: Ms Lilija Vanagiene - General Secretary: Ms Dovile Pervazaite

Luxembourg - President: Mr Neil Valentine - General Secretary: Mrs Thiresia Kafatsaki

Malaysia     - President: Ms Laila Abdullah - Honorary Secretary: Ms Jennifer Campton

Mexico        - President: Mr José Luis Aguilar-Urzaiz - General Secretary: Mr Alfonso Morones-Bulnes


Monaco       - President: Mr Pascal Camia - General Secretary: Mr Gérard Ravera

Netherlands - President: Vacant - General Secretary: Mr Paul Sanders

New Zealand - President: Ms Jeanette King - General Secretary: Mrs Bridget Danbrook

North Korea - President: Mr Jin Choe Kwang - General Secretary: Mr Thae Kim Sung

Norway        - President: Mr Rune Gerhardsen - General Secretary: Mr Lasse Sætre

Philippines   - President: Mr Manuel Veguillas - General Secretary: Mr Benito Lim 

Poland        - President: Mr Dagiel Zenon - General Secretary: Ms Ewa Kierzkowska

Puerto Rico  - President: Ms Lynette Spano - General Secretary: Vacant

Romania      - President: Mr Adrian George Ciobanu - General Secretary: Mr Ion Armenciu

Russia        - President: Mr Aleksander Gorshkov - General Director: Mr Valentin Piseev

Serbia         - President: Ms Vojislava Vasovic - General Secretary: Ms Vesna Rakovic

Singapore    - President: Ms Sonja Chong - General Secretary: Ms Alison Chan

Slovakia      - President: Mrs Felicitas Babušiková - General Secretary: Mrs Mária Zervanová

Slovenia      - President: Mrs Darja Gabrovsek Polajnar - Technical Secretary: Mrs Andreja Zelinka

South Africa - President: Mr Vincenzo D'Aguanno - General Secretary: Mrs Deborah Rees

South Korea - President: Mr Kim Jae-Youl - General Secretary: Mr Kim Kwan Kyu

Spain          - President: Mrs Maria-Teresa Samaranch - General Secretary: Mr Antonio Fdez. Arimany

Sweden       - President: Mrs Katarina Henriksson - General Secretary: Mrs. Malin Jarl

Switzerland  - President: Mr Roland Wehinger - General Secretary: Mrs Yvonne Zahnd 

Thailand      - President: Ms Suwanna Silpa-Archa - General Secretary: Dr. Srihasak Arirachakaran

Turkey    - President: Mr Fahrettin Kandemir - General Secretary: Mrs BaŠŸak Derbent

Ukraine   - President: Mr Evgeniy Larin - General Secretary: Mrs Anastasiya Makarova

United Arab Emirates - Chairman: Dr Ahmed Almazrouei - Chief Executive Officer: Mr Juma Aldhaheri

United States - President: Ms Patricia St.Peter - Executive Director: Mr David Raith 


Uzbekistan   - President: Mr Bakhrom Ashrafkhanov - General Secretary: Mr Evgeniy Nujdin

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