Issue refunds for BTS Highlight, Eric Nam, Kim Tae Woo and IndieGoGo immediately!

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Issue refunds for BTS Highlight, Eric Nam, Kim Tae Woo and IndieGoGo immediately!

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Started by TGM Events Justice

If you have had refund problems with TGM Events: Please sign the petition, comment and tell your story. If you were able to get a refund, let us know how you did it.

If you have not had any problems with TGM: Remember, it can happen to you! Support your fellow fans and fight for accountability for k-pop concerts by joining the petition.

BTS Highlight tour was not delivered as promised, therefore we call for TGM Events to refund all who bought a "shirt", pass, or merchandise for this sham of a tour. We have kept up with each stop. More on that below and in the updates.

Thousands of fans are waiting for refunds for TGM Events’ disastrous BTS Highlight Tour, failed IndieGoGo campaign, a canceled Kim Tae Woo concert, and a "postponed" Eric Nam tour. Fans have been waiting patiently for their refunds. In the meantime, TGM has been silent on the topic of refunds since before the Highlight Tour even ended, while demonstrating no willingness to even acknowledge any questions about compensation.

TGM Events seems fine with people thinking that WME Radio is in charge of the Eric Nam concert. (WME also doesn't respond anyway.) But the fans are smart. We know that our payments went directly to TGM Events. Which means TGM is now liable for thousands of dollars.

TGM Events, in the name of k-pop fans everywhere, we demand that you issue all outstanding refunds immediately!

Thank you for your attention.


[UPDATE] We've recently been keeping up with TGM's new event, BTS Highlight tour and have seen that the results are not good. Fans are not getting the stuff they paid for from this event. The event T-shirts, which served as tickets, and merchandise were not passed out during the event. There were poster size differences between SF and Houston. And BTS even had to sign on blank A-4 paper because poster ran out. Fan signs were rushed by staff members, most fans got at most 2 seconds with BTS. There was also false advertising for number of fans for each photo pass. While it was advertised as 8-10 fans in the beginning, fans were notified that it was now 25 fans in one picture. VIP ticket holders were also not treated the way they should have been for the SF stop: VIP waited in 59 degree weather for almost 2 hours while non-VIP were inside the venue doing hitouch. Some fans bought $50 t-shirts, which did not include a hitouch, as opposed to the $70 hitouch t-shirts, yet those fans were still given the opportunity. TGM, please address these concerns and give fans back their money.

Here's some information gathered from the BTS Highlight stop in Atlanta: 100 fans were KICKED OUT due to over-capacity of the venue. Those fans were left to wait outside in the rain while the performance happened. During this time, fans were given a slip of paper to say that they would get compensated with hitouch and photo with BTS after the show. However, after waiting for two hours in the rain, they were denied those promises too. BTS had left the venue, and they did not even know about the fans waiting outside. These fans were also promised a refund. But, given TGM’s failure to refund for its past canceled concerts, we can’t help but be skeptical of that promise as well.

The Toronto stop marked the end of the BTS Highlight tour. While fans were left waiting for over 4 hours at the venue, BTS and TGM staff were said to have been delayed at the airport. However, although fans saw BTS arrive at the venue, there was no word from TGM Staff. Fans gave accounts where TGM staff came out to look at what was going on, but they disappeared again just as fast. Fans have applauded a local security guard from the Toronto venue for stepping up and trying to get the event organized while TGM was missing in action. When check-in finally started, it was venue staff and fellow ARMYs who stepped up to facilitate the process. Is TGM being MIA the reason why Toronto was the smoothest stop?

Worst of all, BTS and fans were not treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

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This petition had 12,111 supporters

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