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Israel: STOP Importing European Calves To Torture.

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Every year Israel imports tens of thousands of unwanted dairy calves from Hungary, Romania, and Lithuania. After enduring the horrific ordeal of being separated from their mothers, these calves are sent on seemingly never ending journeys to reach Israel.  Many die a long and slow death en route.  They pass from one country to another in Europe before being loaded onto ships destined for Israel.  Every step of their journey involves beatings, freezing or hot weather, hunger and cruel handling. 

Although the European Union has evidence that calves from its member states are being cruelly treated, and endure journeys that break the law, it does nothing.  The lucky ones are the ones that die en route. Once in Israel many calves cross the border into Gaza.  Calves are fattened up in appalling conditions before being sent off to slaugherhouses that are hell on earth. The link below will give you more information about this vile and immoral trade.

I want the Israeli Prime Minister to impose an immediate long-term ban on calves from the European Union.  Israel cannot call itself a civilised nation until it bans all live imports from the EU.  Israel this is a disgrace and we want this to stop now.  These crimes against innocent new-born creatures must stop today.

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