A disabled person is not a half of a person. Disabled people in Israel live in misery !!!!

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Disabled people in Israel live for about 15 years without a raise on the pension they get after they worked and payed enshorance all their working life about 600$ per month, sum wich is impossible to live from. For most of them this sum doesn't cover their rent even. Those people live in continuously misery, poorly, always thinking a few times what to do with the money: to pay the rent, taxes, to buy food, medicine or pay for their treatments...because all those are impossible to reach...not in a dream even. People live in fealty places because their unability to clean, they are disabled..at some we can see more and at some you can't even see (cancer, depression, CFS, etc...can't be seen but are disabeling someti.es not less then physical disability)...if they decide to pay the rent they'll die of hunger or without their medicine. If they will buy their medicine and some money is invested in food, they are risking to live on the streets because not paying the rent will get you out on the streets. PLEASE SIGN AND SUPORT PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES.

They deserve a propper raise...THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE...wich should be equaled with minimum salary on the market, not like they are trying to do now less then 100$ add wich will help with almost nothing. That should happen imediately and AT ONCE...not parted like a loan to be payed along the years. People need to live NOW, many of them won't survive "along the years".

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