Reverse two-way Caledonian Road scheme that is causing unbearable traffic noise and air pollution.

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   In November 2014, Islington Council  implemented a new road scheme making the bottom of Caledonian road two-way between Caledonia Street and Wharfdale Road,. As part of the new layout, traffic lights were installed on the junction of Wharfdale and Caledonian Road. These lights have caused misery for residents as they have stopped the flow of traffic. Now buses, lorries, taxis and cars sit idle outside our homes with engines rumbling, brakes squeaking, horns beeping, and music playing out of windows. The noise is deafening, frequently over 80dBl, and the exhaust fumes are so high they are getting inside our homes and poisoning our families. A reported 11,000 vehicles use Wharfdale each day, while the new northbound Caledonian lane remains virtually unused, 6-8 cars per day, There are long queues in the southbound lane as there is now one less lane for all the traffic to filter in to. Residents are already becoming ill with more respiratory problems and asthma. Four residents have had their medication increased. Islington Council have a duty to protect their residents from noise and pollution. By implementing this scheme they have caused both and are not taking the responsibility nor the steps necessary to rectify the problem by reversing  the two-way Caledonian Road scheme.  The council say they have done this to force Transport for London to remove the gyratory system. But TFL have no plans to do this until 2021 at the earliest, if at all. Meanwhile we are suffering the consequences. It is unacceptable and unbearable for us to live like this. Residents are sleeping in their back rooms, away from the street. I have a duvet over my front window and furniture pushed in front of my bedroom windows. We are under siege. This is against the Environmental Protection Act and qualifies as a statutory nuisance as it unreasonably and substantially interferes with the use and enjoyment of our homes and injures health or is likely to injure health. It is also a breach of the Human Rights Act, article 8; Every individual has the right to enjoy their home and be protected from noise and pollution nuisance.  Our quality of life has sunk to an all-time low and our health is now following.  Reinstating the pedestrian crossing and restoring the southbound lane will get traffic moving again, reducing noise and air pollution and give residents their lives back! Thank you !  

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