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Give Vegans & Vegetarians the right to not fund the meat industry with their tax money.

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Intro. In May 2016 The Vegan Society announced there are 542,000 vegans in Great Britain. That is three and a half times more than 2006. Making it one of the biggest growing movements in Britain. There's an estimated 8 million in the USA. As Vegans we currently pay with our tax money to fund the meat industry, the dairy industry and practices that are against our beliefs. Click here for the definition.

Isle of Man Figures. (these are estimated figures and are not to be taken as factual) CCS is about 7.4 million annually and more than 95% of arable land is used for live stock and their feed (DEFA newsletter) so for a working population of 70% (generous estimate) of 85,000 it's about £137 per head. Then there is the government owned slaughter house which the other year had 2 million of tax payers money invested to run at a £500,000 loss which is about £50 per head.

Livestock Export. The DEFA minister Geoffrey Boot published animal export figures of 8,000 in 2015 and over 20,500 in 2016. Export of lambs has gone up from zero in 2006 to 3,871 in 2010. Farmers are making more money by exporting animals off Island. This is causing extra stress for the animals and is a serious concern for their welfare. Despite how much a farmer will "care" (oxymoron, considering they exist to be slaughtered) for these animals, they are throw into a world different to the environment they are familiar to, including but not limited to; little room, loud noises, uncomfortable conditions, boat and vehicle transport (animals will get motion sickness just like humans do) and the end for these innocent body's is always the same. 

And so; We feel strongly that our tax money should not be used to fund industries we find completely against our ethics, undeniably inhumane and proven severely damaging to mother EARTH. Inclusive of all Island residents, we believe in subsidising towards supporting local fresh crops and a clean/green renewable economy. Using our tax for these sectors instead would be beneficial. 

We demand that our tax money is not used to fund the meat and dairy industries. We seek to exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals, we have the right for this matter to be listened to and addressed accordingly with the utmost importance and respect of our beliefs.

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