Stop the transport of live animals from the Isle of Man

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Please sign the petition asking the Manx Government to STOP the export of live animals for slaughter (or fattening prior to slaughter) from the Isle of Man. 

Every day many animals suffer during long distance transportation. They can be confined for days and some times weeks in overcrowded trucks where some of them are unable to reach fresh air or even food and water. They suffer trampling if they lie down, stress and extreme fear. Animals may not be sent straight to slaughter, once in the UK they can be sold on and maybe transported across Europe, often to a cruel and agonizing death that may not involve pre-stunning.

Please urge your MHK by email, letter or telephone to demand a vote and stop this filthy cruel trade. The Isle of Man is in a strong position to show the world a more compassionate future.

A bulletin on the IOM Government web site last week reported that expressions of interest were being sought to run the IOM Meat Plant. It states that these measures are being taken against a backdrop of increasing live exports of animals and a decrease in the local sales of Manx meat. The Meat Plant has recently undergone a number of changes which have reportedly improved standards in many aspects of meat production including animal welfare.


In the light of this statement our petition to ban the exportation of live animals destined for the food chain wishes to utilise the existing facilities available on the Island and negate the need for live exportation. The welfare of animals is well controlled whilst on Island and I am sure that at all stages the Isle of Man welfare standards are entirely exercised to the highest levels attainable. The problems occur when animals are sold on once they reach the UK.


There are strict controls in place across the UK but it is well documented by welfare groups such as the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming that once animals are transported out of the UK, legislation becomes difficult to implement and animals have routinely been transported for longer periods that 8 hours with little ventilation, food, access to water and sometimes these conditions can lead to a great deal of stress to the animals as well as suffocation, starvation etc


Livestock in the UK can also be sent to non-pre stun (or ritual slaughter) abattoirs which again do not meet with standards of animal welfare that would be found in the Isle of Man.


The reason for the petition to ban animal transport is to minimise the stress and anxiety caused through the transport process; to prevent animals going to non-stun abattoirs and to stop animals being sold on and shipped out of the UK to Europe where they may well endure horrific conditions which would compromise their welfare.

Links to the two organisations referred to above where you can find scientific papers which support the theory that sentient animals suffer anxiety and stress during transportation. We would like to support farmers in getting a fair and economical deal for their livestock on Island which would benefit the farmers, benefit the environment and benefit the animals themselves.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

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