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Having read that the Folk Gallery in the Manx Museum is at threat of removal to make place for a new TT exhibition, I felt I had to do my bit to try to have this idea thrown out.  I am not saying that a TT exhibition isn’t a great idea, I love the Races, from being a youngster being brought up in the boarding-house industry in the Island’s tourist heyday.  However, my first ‘proper’ job was as a Civil Servant working in the Museum for 3 years back in the 70s.  It was a much different place then compared to what we have now, and the changes they have made to appeal to a modern society are fantastic.  But there are some changes being thought of that are ridiculous.  A Museum is a way of showing people over the decades how life was in the past, and a place for treasuring things that would otherwise be lost.  Why then would they wish to do away with something that is such a connection to our past?  The Folk Gallery surely is too important an exhibition for the young of our Island, showing in such a vivid way how our ancestors lived, to even think of dismantling it.   If you feel as strongly about this, please sign this petition in the hope the Powers That Be will think again and forget this ludicrous idea.