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Bring back the Manx ferry services to Fleetwood

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We the undersigned of this petition do hereby formally request the Isle of Man Government to give serious consideration in terms of investment into the Port of Fleetwood in light of proposed berth movement at the port of Liverpool and indeed that of berthing trials by the current provider the IoMSPCo on 21 May 2016 (Ben My Chree)and again at Holyhead using the HSC Mannanan due overnight on 29th/30th June 2016. The trial is part of the Company’s ongoing assessment of Holyhead’s suitability as a 'back-up alternative' to the harbours it regularly serves.

So why Fleetwood?


P.S. MONA’S QUEEN 2. Launched 1885 Gross Tonnage 1559 Length 320 ft -1 inch, Trial speed 19 knots. She was the Steam Packet Company's answer to beat the rivalry of the Isle of Man Liverpool & Manchester Company. As an indication of her speed she sailed from Fleetwood to Douglas regularly.

Sailing time: in three hours approx.

The Lady of Mann initially joined the Fleetwood-Douglas service, being opened for public inspection in Fleetwood and then sailing on her maiden voyage on June 28, 1930. At the time of her trials the "Lady's" hull was painted black, in accordance with I.O.M.S.P. practice, but early in her career it was painted white, a colour which entirely befitted her position as, firstly, the centenary ship, and, secondly, the commodore ship of this important fleet. In her first years she had a BOT certificate for 2,873 passengers.

The first SeaCat Isle of Man crossing from Fleetwood on June 28th, 1994.

Sailing time: 94 minutes - berth to berth

3 hours down to 94 minutes?

Imagine what that could do for both the economy of Fleetwood and surrounding areas, but the footfall increase potential to the Island would equally boost our local economy... the Manx community and businesses don't lose out. Think on... the last journey from Fleetwood and back from the Isle of Man was a total sellout and within 2 days? 

Additional information to consider - climate change

The A5 and A55 flooded... 5 days before the road was passable to traffic [see -

We all know just how bad flooding has become of late, and it's not getting any better. In terms of the ferry provider, their obligation is to get you from one port to another providing it is within their range of accessible ports. So in essence, they could divert to Holyhead and once you have disembarked the vessel, the service providers obligation is fulfilled. Now you have to try and find a route to get you to your destination. What if you are a foot passenger with luggage? What if the trains are not running due to the lines being flooded? Does this happen in Fleetwood? No.

The petitioners are kept up to date with developments as they become available from berthing tests at Holyhead to the Liverpool landing stage relocation and the Manx Government being asked to stump up circa £15m (conservative figure) of tax payers money to facilitate the move, then surely the powers that be have to look at the viability and what the port can offer. 

It has the potential to

  • create new jobs
  • provide a fast efficient service which is what every users wants.
  • Easier access the motorway infrastructure such as the M6, M60, M62, M180 and the M1 or the more scenic A roads
  • No main arterial route flooding (unlike Holyhead)
  • Quicker access to tourist and business hubs such as Manchester, Leeds, Scotland, Liverpool and the Midlands. 
  • Quicker access to the North East coast if travelling to Europe and vice versa for those coming to the TT.
  • Faster delivery of goods and services and potential to increase boosting the Manx economy.
  • Increased footfall in terms of daytrip visitors with faster services... 94 minutes is better than 2hrs 45 mins to Liverpool 
  • In terms of distance 60 miles from liverpool (1.5 hrs drive time), and 53.3 miles to Manchester City Centre just over an hour
  • No restrictions on port access
  • Potential for infrastructure development by ABP funded through UK Government funding schemes with area grants being available up to £4m

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We even ask the doubters to sign, because they to have equally nothing to lose but equally so their input is none the less valuable.. everyone's voice is, so let it be heard and lets show these people we mean business! 

The people who have signed testify to the fact that they want to see this happen... so lets if we can make it happen. Nobody else lost anything from trying....

For and on behalf of the supporters
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