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Brothers and Sisters in Islam, please do NOT ignore this cause. Fighting, debating, arguing about our faith is not working to bring Peace. By signing this petition, you deliver the disclosure to the WORLD about how peaceful and beautiful Islam IS, and why you are a PROUD Muslim! Jazakallah Khair, please SIGN and FORWARD!!!


Dear World, 

There have been terrible events tagged to my faith recently, and other misunderstandings of my faith, ISLAM. These Misunderstandings are mostly fueled by fear and a severe misguidance (by the media) in general. I want you to know, that I am also very troubled by every one of these events (i.e., 9/11 terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, and cultural "honor" killings etc.) I wish each one NEVER occurred, and I hope will NEVER occur again in the future! I think together we can make a significant change, but I need your help.

So as a start, I write you this letter as a sincere documented PROMISE for what it's worth, and an invitation to join me as a friend.


I am a Muslim and I: 

-          Have no, and or support no "hidden agenda" to control or terrorize the world or any geographical area or people of any race or religious background. (i.e., by way of Sharia law or any other related concept) This is ridiculous and I denounce the abuse of Sharia Law 100%! (i.e. by radicals, and radical government)

-          CONDEMN any act of terror (period) especially those where innocent people are being harmed in any way or killed.

-          Love Jesus (Al-Isa) upon whom be peace, and believe he is the Messiah, was a sent to deliver the message of our true being (in Spirit) with the Loving God, and to Love each other/ understand and obey his teachings as a way to embrace God, has ascended to God in Heaven, and will return to prove we exist in the Spirit of God. I extend an offer of peace to my Christian Brothers and Sisters with these FACTS.

-          Believe in/ respect/ vow to protect original religious scripture such as the  Jewish Torah, Psalms of David,  the Christian Gospel of Jesus as the inspired word of God. Although we also believe the Qur'an was sent to confirm and complete God's intended message to man, we do not denounce the holy books that preceded Qur'an. We only believe the Qur'an brings the intended foundation of faith needed to properly interpret the original books that preceded it, not the altered renditions of course. I extend an offer of peace to both my Jewish and Christian Brothers and Sisters with these FACTS.

-          LOVE and extend an offer of PEACE to ALL my Brothers and Sisters here on earth with these facts about TRUE ISLAM, regardless of Faith/ Religion/ Race/ etc. If I don't love you, at least for the sake of Allah...I can no longer claim to be a Muslim.

-          Welcome peaceful dialogue to discuss and answer any further questions you may have about Islam, and kindly ask you don't simply assume what the Media, and or hate groups (i.e. anti-islam groups of any kind) is telling you as "truth", because the truth is 99% of whats out there today, negatively portraying Islam is GREATLY exaggerated if not completely false or at least misunderstood.

I am a Muslim, and I only want to be understood and accepted as I will try to understand and accept YOU.

May God's Peace and Blessings be with you all.


Sincerely Yours,




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