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STOP Sexual Child Abuse @ ISKCON Krsna Schools by Boycotting & Stopping **ALL** Donations!

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Global Sexual Child Abuse at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) ***IS STILL GOING ON*** and has been a constant since the early 1970's at overnight internship schools. (Yes, you can google it) 5,000,000 MM Signatures needed. (See the 2016 video expose: Why? Because we know you all care and there are 550 million Vaishnavas on the planet We only need 1% :-) to shut them down if they don't stop condoning and hiding the child abuse for PR reasons. There has been a series of major court cases and lawsuits both in North America and abroad, yet very very few perpetrators have gone to jail. Somehow they are protected by the global institution, especially in India and other countries. This petition is to Stop all donors, members and guests from giving any donations or support  at all globally—even for flowers or the altar or festival attendance—exactly as 'the God' Krsna would want in this very particular abusive case, to protect his children. We ALSO ask everyone to completely boycott all ISKCON centers globally until the overnight schools are closed and the Child Abusers have been punished. Remember, you can worship Krsna's deity in many other places including your own home and it is the same exact deity, or you may be inspired to start new centers among your local congregation—maybe a new movement built by the congregations. Please sign if you are going to boycott donations and visitation. . We have reached out to many media outlets and prominent newspaper and influencers. This is big and we are going to end the sexual abuse in ISKCON for ever or close them down with all your help!  ...and we are not going away!

The below three examples paint the picture for those undecided:

A.) An innocent person looking for bread walks into WallyMart to get groceries. There is a picket line outside with allegations of children in sweatshops over in China manufacturing most of the goods for this chain. S/he can go down the block to the other store but it may be a little more expensive or out of the way. S/he crosses the picket line and shops at WallyMart today, and next week, and the week after. Years pass by and the evening News and Picket Lines and other historical evidence continue to come out and corroborate that WallyMart continues to use children in sweatshops. S/he continues to shop at WallyMart.
QUESTION: At which point is s/he no longer innocent?
B.) A 'conscientious animal rights vegetarian' person likes the coffee at McDonalds. S/he justifies that s/he is only buying the coffee and not the burgers.
QUESTION: At which point did S/he cross the line?
C.) An innocent member of the Hare Krsna Movement became aware three decades ago (with allegations all over the internet) of an ongoing series of racketeering and asset mismanagement at the cost of its members' civil and human rights. S/he finds out over the years about the documented neglect in lack of their Care all around, despite millions of dollars, Temple Presidents receiving 80k salaries, "hush money" being handed out, embezzlement left and right, investigations, charges against mismanagement and misappropriation of funds, even proven allegations of child abuse—all being covered up or swept under the rug for PR and internal processing only—for the last three decades. Four decades later 2016 rolls out with the secretive sale of the Brooklyn Temple for $60MM with clearly questionable activity and Mayapur erupts into riots, beatings, death threats, exiles, bribery, alleged $5MM embezzlement, alleged Vrndavan sex with minors in the schools, the alleged 'Chakra Case" of drug dealing to the school kids, plus reports that the man who burnt down the homes of local indigenous families because they would not sell their land to be resold to Mayapur, has been appointed and endorsed by a famous prominent US and global Swami guru, with BTW ties back to New Vrndavan and the murders there. (...and if the reader did not know all these allegations, you now do!) So, s/he, the innocent member of the Hare Krsna movement, looks over this overall 4 decade picture and makes certain decisions. Knowing that s/he could go worship at another temple or have a home program, or change sangas, instead makes the conscious decision to continue giving to the local chapter of the above organization his/her time, exemplary presence, donations, validation, outreach, encouragement and actual service support, etc. ... (with ALL this documentation:
QUESTION: at which point did s/he cross the line into complicit?

If the reader's answer is never, the reader needs Ted Patrick (the famous Cult  De-programmer) or major professional psychological help...

One can argue this above logic 'til the proverbial cows come home, but nothing changes the fact that, "to tolerate is to encourage." — a.c. Bhaktivedanta Swami.

Boycott all their festivals especially in Mayapur and at your local Hare Krsihna temples or Bhakti Centers. Your presence is validating and supportive of these above activities in the larger picture. Do not beceom complicit. If the Vedic Philosophy teaches anything, it is to chose carefully the vibration you associate with for the sake of your eternal soul's dharma and Karma!! Please do your own homework beginning with this link and please think for yourself: . The indoctrinated cult members will tell you all kinds of justifications. 

Good luck...


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