President Trump Investigate Former Wisconsin AG Lautenschlager For Framing Avery/Dassey!

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The Nation Demands Federal Relief & Support To Remove Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey From Custody Immediately!

ATTENTION: President Trump, US Attorney General William Barr, Senator Johnny Issakson;

Dear Sirs,

Former President, Barack Obama (D), FAILED to pardon Avery & Dassey when a petition reached the White House following the release of Netflix’s Making a Murderer December 15, 2015. The pardons were ultimately denied by President Obama because active appeals were filed for both men incarcerated in Wisconsin at the state level & required that any post relief remedy was to be reviewed and met by the state.

Wisconsin’s current State Attorney General Brad Schimel & Governor Scott Walker have both stood firmly behind its Department of Justice and the decisions made to uphold the convictions of those deemed responsible for the alleged ‘Intentional Homicide’ of Teresa Halbach on October 30, 2005.

However, there is adequate reasoning to submit a new Introduction to Request Immediate Relief & Support From A Federal Pardon, that is warranted and based on ‘New Evidence’ not filed in the current 2017 appeals. The evidence strongly supports Criminal Offenses enacted on by Government Officials in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

It should be dutifully noted, for the record, that a Federal Ivestigation into the former Wisconsin State Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, (D) 2003-2007, will show sufficient evidence Steven Avery was framed by Lautenschlager, herself.


In 1993, Lautenschlager was handpicked by Bill Clinton to be a US Attorney General for Wisconsin and was trained by the Clinton Administration. Lautenschlager would sequentially be elected to serve on a Task force with Janet Reno. This position was Federal and seated Lautenschlager to work with numerous Sheriffs throughout the state of Wisconsin from 1996-2001.

While seated to this position, before being elected by the citizens to serve as Wisconsin’s State Attorney General from 2003-2007, Lautenschlager formed a personal relationship with a former Sheriff of Manitowoc County deemed partly responsible for sending Steven Avery to prison in 1985.

Upon Avery’s exoneration on September 11, 2003, Lautenschlager abused her power of position to protect her personal friends working in Law Enforcement named in a $36,000,000 Civil Suit filed by Avery on October 12, 2004.

1) Lautenschlager released a Report that started protecting those involved in Avery’s 1985 Conviction on December 17, 2003.

2) December 22, 2003, Mark Gundrum created the Avery Task Force to start preventing wrongful convictions. Lautenschlager initially wanted no part of it, and purposely begin backlogging the State Crime Lab, so that others innocent like Steven Avery couldn’t get out of prison.

3) 2 months later, Lautenschlager received a DUI on February 22, 2004. To save face politically, she then joined The Avery Task Force. However, Lautenschlager objected to the Bills being written by the 20 member bipartisan group seated, made of Senators, Judges, Prosecutors, Attorneys, Sheriffs & State Crime Lab personnel.

4) On August 31, 2005, Lautenschlager took over The Avery Task Force, renaming it to the Criminal Justice Study Commission.  (Avery’s name was taken out of it because it was beneficial to Avery’s $36,000,000 civil suit.)

5) The Charter Statement of this Commission blatantly highlighted that Manitowoc County Officials were NOT to be blamed for Avery’s 1985 Conviction. (Lautenschlager had an ongoing feud with Governor Jim Doyle because Doyle was going to be signing off on the upcoming Assembly & Senate Bills in November 2005. The Bills reflected the issues in Avery’s Civil Suit, giving him immense favor of winning.)

6) The Commission was supposed to prevent future wrongful convictions by eliminating Tunnel Vision, Jailhouse Snitches, Contaminated DNA, Faltering Witness Statements & botched Juvenile Monitoring Recordings in Custodial Recordings. 

7) During numerous Attorney General Seminars in September 2005, Lautenschlager published and distributed pamphlets to Law Enforcement Officials stating how to prevent the issues listed in item 6), above. However, Lautenschlager demanded and allowed that Law Enforcement Officials were to use these issues against Steven Avery; whereas,

November 3, 2005, a report was filed for a missing Teresa Halbach, with Law Enforcement Officials claiming Steven Avery was the last to see her on October 31, 2005; in which, all issues listed in item 6) above are manipulated in this case as follows:

A) Manitowoc Officials named in the Civil Suit zeroed in on Avery immediately enacting “Tunnel Vision; 

B) A jailhouse snitch reported Avery planned on making a torture chamber to rape women when he was released. The problem with this story, Avery never knew he was even getting out. DNA miraculously freed him 18 years into a 30+ year sentence. The jailhouse snitch’s testimony was fabricated to match the later rape statements coerced by Brendan Dassey.

C. Numerous witnesses faltered in their stories, that were inconsistent with actions of Avery, Dassey, & Halbach transpiring on the date of October 31, 2005, and the days immediately following.

D. Lautenschlager signed off on a bullet fragment contaminated by Sherry Culhane on 4/12/2006, to be admited in Avery’s trial. 

D2) Weeks later, On 5/5/2006, Lautenschlager released a statement on the state’s Crime Lab and NIBIN Program protecting the lab for entering a .22 Caliber shell to the program. The .22 Caliber round was prohibited from being submitted if fired by a pistol or a rifle. Lautenschlager manipulated the article to say “Pistol Only” because the murder weapon used on Halbach was allegedly a .22 Marlin rifle in Avery’s possession. In fact, it wouldnt be until Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen released an article in February 2014, stating Wisconsin DOJ had just purchased a new NIBIN instrument that now accepted .22 Rifle and Pistol calibers, along with shotguns. Lautenschlager had lied in 2005, so the science on the ballistics of the bullets allegedly fired from a “rifle” would be allowed in Avery’s trial. 

E) Lautenschlager released a Model Policy on Custodial Interrogations on 2/23/2006. The policy was to protect juvenile children with disabilities from being interrogated without an adult present.

E2) However, 6 days later, 3/01/2006, Brendan Dassey would become the first Juvenile recorded in Wisconsin by a mandated state law. The law was actually written by a member of Lautenschlager’s Commission. Dassey was interrogated by DCI Special Agent Tom Fassbender. The confession has since been reviewed as Coerced by numerous Federal Judges To Date. Fassbender was appropriately trained on December 6, 9 & 12, 2005, on how to handle this new Custodial Law, yet he failed. It should be noted, Lautenschlager was basically Fassbender’s main Supervisor.

E3) Dassey was coerced into saying Teresa Halbach was shot in Avery’s garage. The bullet fragment that was contaminated by Culhane when tested on 4/12/2006, was found 3/2/2006, in the early AM after beginning a search the night of Dassey’s confession on 3/01/2006. Another DCI Special Agent, had turned off the video camera, looked down, and discovered the bullet when the video camera was conviently no longer recording. The search of the garage had already ended.

E4) Not only did Lautenschlager release a model policy on 2/23/2006 that stated NOT to interrogate a child with a disability without a parent present, (done by a recently trained Fassbender 3/01/2006), but when a bullet magically stems from the search of Avery’s garage off camera, immediately after Dassey’s coerced confession, Lautenschlager protected the .22 caliber prohibited from being entered into NIBIN, even after signing off on the contamination of it.

8) Whereas; in items A-E4, Lautenschlager has knowingly allowed both the State Crime Lab & Special Agents of the DCI to manipulate and fabricate testimony and forensic evidence to falsify convictions on both Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey. 

9) Lautenschlager’s very Commission was to protect Avery and Dassey from the very things that arrested them, that were current issues of her Commission. Strongly supporting the evidence, that if these issues were relative to Lautenschlager’s knowledge and manipulation prior to Halbach’s death & become factors of Steven Avery’s Investigation, then it is apparent Lautenschlager advised the manipulation of the issues she already had a remedy for, yet failed to step in.

10) The Wisconsin New Governance Experiment passed by Wisconsin Legislation gave Lautenschlager the authority on a Jurisdiction by Jurisdiction basis to immediately protect both Avery and Dassey, because they were victims of the issues being tackled on The Criminal Justice Study Commission, she spearheaded.

11) During the pretrial phase of both Avery and Dassey, in 2006, Assistant Attorney General Thomas J. Fallon was sent in from Lautenschlager’s Office. Yet, no remedy is ever applied by the Attorney General’s Office to protect Dassey or Avery, even with Fallon knowing the actions of Lautenschlager to be criminal. Fallon has since gone on to dupe Wisconsin State Attorney Generals J.B. Van Hollen in a 2010-2011 Appeal, & Brad Schimel more recently in the 2016-2017 Appeal. 

The petitioners herein, for the record, submit the findings to the appropriated Federal Department that Lautenschlager knowingly manipulated the forensic evidence and testimonies in this case. Lautenschlager’s motive to harm both Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey intentionally is means of a severe criminal intent, that should NOT go unpunished, nor left without review of and by a Federal Department outside of Wisconsin. 

The petitioners herein, seek immediate investigation into Lautenschlager’s actions and demands that they be reviewed for immediate post conviction relief for Avery & Dassey.

Lautenschlager has remained silent for 12 years, and will NOT speak out about the Halbach Case. However, she will continue to state for the record Manitowoc County did NOT wrongfully convict Steven Avery in 1985.

The petitioners herein, ask for Immediate Federal Relief by Pardoning Avery & Dassey in the event Lautenschlager is found guilty to any degree of tampering with, falsifying, manipulating and/or approving any contaminated evidence or testimony admitted into either trial, to the slightest degree.

Signed by citizens of this good Nation,


The Watching World