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Sea Ice and Polar Bears

Temperatures are rising far more rapidly in the Arctic than in the rest of the world. Since 1978, sea ice cover has declined by approximately nine per cent per decade, and the rate of melting appears to be increasing each year. This loss of sea ice threatens Canadian wildlife, like the polar bear, which are wholly dependent on the Arctic sea ice habitat for survival.

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Environment Canada Honorable John Baird
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Honorable Minister John Baird
Take Note
There is no offshore drilling region on the planet that has not experienced at least one major drilling-related oil spill. So the law of probabilities says that if we drill in the arctic, we will spill in the arctic.

Currently, officials believe human error and mechanical failure are both culprits in the unfolding disaster in the Gulf.

These two factors have been with us as long as time itself. Human error and mechanical failure are a given in every human endeavor, including those where failure is not an option, such as space travel, nuclear fission, and biotechnology.

The reality that these two factors can never be removed from the equation must be front and center as the federal government re-examines the question of offshore drilling in Canada's arctic.

Any review must occur in the full knowledge that the vagaries of drilling under the most extreme and treacherous conditions on Earth only further guarantees the inevitable — that arctic drilling will not be immune from the litany of spills and catastrophes that have plagued every other drilling region.

A tour of drilling disasters around the planet reads like a catalog of human error and mechanical failure:

Therefore we the undersign demand that no drilling project in the arctic will go forth and that no such project will ever be considered.

-Michel Polnicky-

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