Make Asian-American/Ethnic Studies a Course in All Irvine Unified High Schools

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Asian American students represent nearly 60%* of the student population in the Irvine Unified School District (IUSD), yet our curriculum does not reflect this. All our social studies, literary and history courses are taught from a Euro-American perspective. There are no schools within IUSD that offer an Asian American Studies or Ethnic Studies class. Most students are not aware of contributions that were made by Asian Americans to the fabric of this country. This lack of awareness among Asian Americans and the general population has resulted in Asian Americans often being disenfranchised.  

As Asian American students, we have no foundation for our own cultural pride and no space to explore cultural identity. We are looking to decolonize our education by offering Asian Americans Studies.

We are demanding Irvine Unified School District offer an Asian Americans Studies course to reflect the student population and the importance of Asian American immigration history and cultures.

As students, we believe this is important in promoting diversity and intercultural understanding. This class will provide all students with an opportunity to learn and understand Asian American history and our contributions to the United States while allowing students to take pride in their dual cultural heritage.  

Please join our campaign by signing this petition and spreading the word with others. Other student organization are welcome to be part of this project. Questions:

*This includes 48% Asians, 3% Filipino, and 8% two or more races