Remove Principal Leslie Roach from Northwood High School, Irvine CA

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Principal Leslie Roach and Integrated Science at Northwood High are joined at the hip. You have to remove one if you want to remove the other.  We wouldn't have started this petition had a previous Student created petition to remove Integrated Science with 400 signatures was asked to be taken down. How many more years are we going to be debating this? How many more students need to suffer? If we don't take a stand now, we never will. 

Principal Leslie Roach has lost all credibility and trust from the Northwood High School students and parent community. She misallocates precious funds without consulting the community thus denying students the opportunity to take necessary AP Science classes. She forces families to take blended learning courses, IVC classes, or private science classes instead of offering them at Northwood High School. Most importantly, she relies heavily on a private college counselor Paul Kanarek who uses the Irvine School District for his personal sales pipeline. 

Northwood High School under Principal Leslie Roach adopted an Integrated Science approach several years ago. Time has proven that it doesn't serve the needs of the community. Majority of students polled do not want to take Integrated Science I or II.  Instead of listening to the students, Principal Leslie is adding on Integrated Science III to an already weak science curriculum. 

The school under Principal Roach's leadership has ignored students feedback about bringing back AP Science classes starting in 9th grade. Many families are forced into financial hardship because they have to privately fund science class outside of the normal school curriculum. Those that can't afford these private science classes are negatively impacted with lower GPAs, their choice of college and career prospects diminishing. The amount of stress that Principal Roach has created for the community is reaching epic proportions.

At a meeting today (5/16/19), Principal Leslie continued to argue with parents who were scientists and STEM leaders in the community. She cut the meeting short without a plan of action to address the Integrated Science failed experiment. She talked down to anybody who tried to reason with her. She continued to push students and parents to talk to a private counselor. 

Please remember NO ONE is going to win the debate of Integrated Science vs AP Science with Leslie Roach. IUSD is NOT forcing Northwood to do Integrated Science. The State of California is not requiring Integrated Science. Principal Leslie Roach is the only one who wants Integrated Science. No other school at IUSD has Integrated Science. Uni High tried it several years back and reverted back to traditional science. 

Principal Roach has damaged the standing of the school with her ill-advised adherence to the Integrated Science curriculum against all feedback to the contrary. She relies on generic national statistics and anecdotal hearsay from consultants as opposed to scientific leaders in the community.

It's time for Irvine School District to bring new leadership to Northwood High School. We need a new Principal and Science team to take care of our children and bring back AP Science classes to all students. Principal Leslie Roach should be moved out of Northwood High. 

Please pass this to as many social media channels, WeChat, WhatsApp, and News outlets. We need to make a change now!