Irvine Company Early Lease Termination

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With the recent COVID-19 outbreak and measures implemented to reduce transmission rates, many lives are affected, specifically University of California, Irvine (UCI) students. UCI has currently compensated students who live in all UCI affiliated housing by providing them with full refunds and flexible lease cancellations. Other housing companies like Irvine Company, however, have not accommodated its tenants (most of which are UCI students) during the COVID-19 crisis. 

UCI students have been strongly encouraged by Chancellor Howard Gilman to return to their off-campus residences and, if possible, stay home during the Spring quarter. Additionally, California governor, Gavin Newsom, has ordered individuals to stay home, resulting in many students attempting to go home and be with their families at this time.

The current options that Irvine Company tenants have are the following:

  1. Early Lease Termination Fee
    • Tenants pay 2x their cost of rent in order to end their lease early. Tenant must give a 30 day notice to Irvine Company.
  2. Irvine Company finds replacement tenants
    • Irvine Company finds replacement tenants. This requires tenants to (1) move out immediately. (2) Tenants continue to pay rent until Irvine Company finds replacement tenants.
  3. Tenants find their own replacement tenants:
    • Tenants continue their lease until they find tenants who can replace them on the lease.

We have made this petition because we believe that something should be done for UCI students who live in off-campus housing. While we each signed contracts agreeing that we would pay rent until the lease ends, we did not foresee the events caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. More specifically, COVID-19 has affected the economy causing students to lose their jobs and be unable to afford rent or high-priced lease termination fees. 

We are asking for your signature so that Irvine Company will lower their lease termination fee to accommodate students in light of current events. 

Thank you for supporting this cause.