A Just Cause Ask President Trump To Release The Wrongfully Convicted IRP6

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A Just Cause Ask President Trump To Release The Wrongfully Convicted IRP6

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A Just Cause started this petition to President Donald J. Trump and

Patriotic and dedicated business executives who are serving 7-11 year sentences in a federal prison in Florence, Colorado. Sadly, they never committed a crime and have been gone from us for the past 4 and a half years. We, the families, including wives and children, are devastated and struggling from their loss.

We are asking the public and the media to help us expose the horrible injustice done to our fathers by signing our petition. The fathers, brothers and sons (David A. Banks, Kendrick Barnes, David A. Zirpolo, Clinton A. Stewart and Demetrius K. Harper) are innocent!

"Our loved ones are known as the IRP6." After 9/11, they started a company called IRP Solutions. IRP Solutions developed a criminal investigations software solution called Case Investigative Life Cycle (CILC, pronounced "silk) to help the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and other law enforcement agencies modernize their information technology systems and more effectively share information and collaborate with each other. We were so proud of what they accomplished and what it could mean for our country. For reasons we don't begin to understand, prosecutors said the their business and software was a scam. That is just not true. The facts and circumstances simply don't support that claim. CILC was featured in Police Magazine, Law Enforcement Technology magazine, a college texbook called Criminal Investigation (8th edition, Bennett and Hess (2007)) by Thomson Learning Inc. We know the truth and so do others who have actually reviewed this case.

A Just Cause, A Justice Advocacy Organization was started to help bring Justice to all who have suffered injustice. The IRP6 story caught the attention of the Honorable Judge H. Lee Sarokin who retired from the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and is well-known for overturning the triple-murder wrongful-conviction of the famous boxer Ruben "Hurricane" Carter, who was portrayed by Denzel Washington in the movie titled "Hurricane Carter". Judge Sarokin investigated the IRP5 case including reviewing trial transcripts that resulted in him writing 5 articles in the Huffington Post concerning the injustice. Judge Sarokin recently released a play he wrote at a reading in a California theater in hopes of bringing more attention to the case. Please watch trailer of the production. We are grateful for Judge Sarokin's compassion for our plight and his tireless efforts to help free our family. Judge Sarokin recently petitioned President Obama for clemency on behalf of the men. We now plead with you to support us and Judge Sarokin by joining our petition. Other experts share Sarokin's concern about the IRP6 injustice and there comments are listed below.


Judge H. Lee Sarokin's discusses in his clemency letter to President Obama how the IRP6 (David A. Banks, Kendrick Barnes, David A. Zirpolo, Gary L. Walker, Clinton A. Stewart and Demetrius K. Harper) were wrongly-convicted, sentenced to terms that far outweigh their alleged crime and court transcripts and procedures were mishandled in their prosecution. On November 2, 2015, at the Northcoast Repository Theater where Sarokin was viewing a reading of a play he wrote about the IRP6 case, Sarokin told the audience he felt a deep conviction to help free the men whose sentencing he believes may have been racially motivated. Sarokin said he hopes his play, "The Race Card Face Up" will stir up publicity for the IRP6 defendants.

Sarokin Comments About the IRP6 Case In the Huffington Post:

"Each new revelation in this case has prompted me to speak out. I have concluded that the defendants may well be innocent and that there is strong evidence that their constitutional rights were violated in any event"

"The government proved that the defendants incurred debts and did not pay them and the government's actions "made it impossible for them to fulfill their obligations."

"The government's contention that [the IRP6's] business was a scam defies reality."

"The government's theory was that the defendants' software program was a scam and that they hired staffing companies to provide programmers never intending to pay. Defendants have never denied owing the money and contended throughout that the business was legitimate and that they had every expectation of paying their debts. Despite some unknown person or company's persistence in seeking to charge them criminally, the FBI refused to investigate stating that it was civil, not a criminal matter, and likewise a grand jury refused to indict --- presumably for the same reason. Everything seems to indicate that those initial reactions were correct and valid."

"If one were to create a scam software program, would one choose only law enforcement agencies as potential customers? The program was designed to coordinate and integrate information for law enforcement. If it were a scam why would you give up your other employment and devote almost a decade to the project? The staffing companies paid the programmers...the government claimed as a result the defendants received "free labor", but for what? If the program was a phony, why spend all of this money to improve it and try to meet the needs of potential and interested customers?"

"Would you personally guarantee the corporate debt and risk your own financial security?

"Why would these men, respected members of their community and church, experienced in the computer world with impressive backgrounds, no criminal records, some of whom were veterans spend their own time and money and hire companies to work on a program they had no intention of selling."


Dr. Alan Bean, Executive Director of the Friends of Justice conducted a six-month investigation into the IRP6 case. In the report of his findings Bean concluded that the government concocted a "bogus business" theory to prosecute the IRP6 and questioned "Why did the U.S. Attorney's Office waste taxpayers dollars criminalizing a debt collection case?"


We really need your help. We must all stand together against injustice. As Judge Sarokin said in the Huffington Post, "If ever the saying 'Justice delayed is justice denied' has applicability, it is in this strange case." Please help us stop the delay of justice for our family by signing this petition.

We join in the petition addressed to the President to release these men they are the following named persons: David Banks, Dave Zirpolo, Kendrick Barnes, Clinton Stewart, Demetrius Harper.

For additional information go to www.freetheirp6.org






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