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Irish plans to develop Horse racing and send Irish race Horses to China-please protest asap- worldwide response needed now from everyone!

Every protest counts from around the world

Please see these two articles here-

The racing venture and racecourse proposed in China will require 600 to 800 horses for its inaugural year, which is targeted to have approximately 40 race days. This venture is to be stocked with broodmares from Ireland, while stallions will also be sent out. Also it does not seem to matter to Taoiseach Enda Kenny that Hong Kong is the only venue on Chinese soil where betting on horses is legal and that authorities are unlikely to legalise gambling on the mainland anytime soon. While Ireland has no agreement regarding the export of horses, according to the DOA the changes are being drafted now.
‘If there was any doubt that the new IRELAND-CHINA ‘deal’ will mean untold suffering to Irish animals, we only have to look at past and current horse events in China to foretell the future for our horses’.
Following is a chronicle of known HORSE ABUSE already part of life in China….
• Not many know that in 2005 at the Beijing racetrack over 600 healthy thoroughbreds were reported to have been slaughtered in the Chinese capital. This was as a consequence of the official reluctance by the Chinese Communist Party to tolerate gambling. This mass killing was unprecedented even in the harsh world of horseracing.
• Zoos across China are still putting on cruel exotic animal performances, three months after they were banned by the government. In one show in Guangxi Zhuang this month, crowds cheered as a tiger teetered on the back of a horse, while monkeys, with chains around their necks, rode bicycles around in circles.
• Horse Fighting is still rife in China where evidence and shocking photos of two stallions covered in blood and ferociously biting each other the annual horsefight in Antai, China, where such animal cruelty is considered 'sport'. At the annual event, which dates back a staggering 500 years, horses are pitted against each other as thousands of locals watch, with many cheering them on and taking photographs. The stallions are encouraged to fight by being lead to a mare in heat, and then taking the female horse away when the stallions are aroused. ( See petition image- Two horses fight against each other during a horse fight game held in Antai Township of Rongshui County, southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Feb. 5, 2009. More than 30 horses took part in in the annual game on Thursday. (Xinhua/Long Tao). Please be fully aware that the loosing stallion is immediately slaughtered post-fight & fed as an after-entertainment refreshment to the crowd. How can any decent person sanction this cruelty & export horses to a country with this attitude to horses.

‘We call on Enda Kenny, Taoiseach to reconsider his stance on Horse exports to China and to condemn both Chinas animal and human abuses without further delay’.

For the same reason we condemned the Irish to stop the proposed export of racing Greyhounds to China we are now asking all our supporters national and international to be a voice for these poor race Horses.China has no animal welfare laws and are generally renowned as a country for their adverse cruelty to animals. We cannot allow the Irish to export race Horses to China as God only knows what will happen to them once they are deemed useless.

Please therefore write to the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny asap keeping all correspondence polite at- and Simon Coveney at the Irish Department of Agriculture -

Please Urge these people to halt all plans for the development of Horse racing and export of race Horses to China. Yet again great shame will be put on Ireland for doing this! It must be stopped now!

Of course money is the root of all evil and this is precisely why the Irish government is doing it.

Thank you for your support for the voiceless.



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