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Deny Julien Blanc an Irish Visa

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Julien Blanc and his group, RSD (Real Social Dynamics) are a group of sexist and racist "pick up artists," who have made a living by teaching men how to violate women through physical and emotional abuse.

Do not associate Ireland with a man who chokes women around the world as part of his pick up game. Please help us stand with the women of Australia, the women of America, the women of The UK and women everywhere, and do not let Ireland play host to events where men are being taught how to violate and harass women.  It's not only women who are affected; Blanc's misogynistic 'pick up techniques' directly exploit vulnerable men who buy into rape culture and end up believing that this is an appropriate way to behave.

To allow this man into Ireland legitimises sexual assault and predation, and sends a message that women are playthings or objects without agency.

Australia has already taken a stand by revoking his visa, let us demonstrate that we feel the same way about his message.

This Tumblr Post sums up why Julien Blanc is a detriment to any society he is allowed to infiltrate:

If you needed any more reasons, here is a chart supplied by Julien/RSD on how to control women:

Here is a transcription of one of his videos, "White Male F**ks Asian Women InTokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It)":

"At least in Tokyo, if you're a white male, you can do what you want. I'm just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls' heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick. Head, on the dick, yelling, 'pikachu,' with a pikachu shirt."

He is not just doing this in Tokyo. He is doing this all around the world. He is doing this in Denmark and Sydney. A likely outcome of his seminars in Ireland would be increased incidence of sexual assault, already at staggering numbers.

His tour dates bring him to Ireland June 4th 2015. Please don't allow him entry into the country. We need to progress, not regress.

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