Remove 1 Year Detention Needed to Qualify to Apply for Irish Citizenship

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Purpose of the petition: Let's come together to help oppose the new absurd ruling by the Irish High Court judge Max Barret. Which states that nobody can be granted Irish citizenship if they have spent a single day outside the country in the past year. 

This decision has come out of the blue, in the past department of Justice and Equality had been allowing citizenship applicants to be out of the country for up to six weeks in that final year, and “possibly more in exceptional or unavoidable circumstances”.

But Justice Max Barrett ruled this six-week rule has to go “beyond what is legally permissible in this regard, because… the Act of 1956 does not confer any discretionary power on the Minister”.

Pointing to the dictionary definition of “continuous”, the judge held that “an applicant must show a one-year period of residence in Ireland that is ‘unbroken, uninterrupted, connected throughout in space or time

What this means for you ?

If you have already applied for the citizenship and stepped outside the country for even a single day your application can be rejected until this is resolved.

And if you were thinking to apply for citizenship, you may have to wait for a year, don't travel (basically 1 Year Jail Time). Then apply.

This means for 1 complete year a person is not allowed to go and meet their parents and family, go on a holiday for couple days to relax.

This can be detrimental to people's mental health and well being.

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