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More and more are we hearing about the abandonment and abuse of horses in Ireland. Photos of dead and decaying horses, ponies and FOALS are circulating Facebook and Irish news and it is just being allowed to happen

I am an 18 Year Old Equine Science student in the University Of Limerick. And I believe that there there is a serious need in this country for a warden who can track ownership and welfare of horses in the country. The Department of Agriculture overlook this problem, when the people are doing what they can to make this public, to make this noticed. 

Me and so many people in Ireland love horses as our best friends, and to anybody, anybody at all. Seeing an abused or abandoned animal hurts more than words can ever describe. We need horse ownership licensing, we need tracked records of sales of EVERY Equine in this country, and most importantly, we need to protect the welfare of these beautiful creatures  who do so much for the human race