A pet dog has been attacked and severely mauled by a pack of hunting hounds in a public Coillte (Irish Forestry Board) forest. The hounds pulled the dog off its lead and began biting into its body. It was left fighting for life at a veterinary clinic. The time has come for Coillte to put in place a blanket ban on all hunters entering its property.

Letter to
David Gunning, CEO Coillte
I support calls on Coillte to urgently put in place a blanket ban on all hunters entering your forests.

The recent attack by hunt hounds on a pet dog in a Coillte forest leaves no doubt about the danger posed. Visitors to the forests should be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility without fears of their pets being attacked by hounds psyched up to kill. Forest wildlife is one of the attractions for visitors and these creatures should also be allowed to live free from the cruelty of hunting.

Please, Coillte, for the sake of pets and wildlife - take steps NOW to prohibit all hunters from entering your property.