Scrap your animal cruelty discounts

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The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is calling on some of Ireland's biggest companies to stop offering discounts to those involved in cruelty to animals.

Vodafone, Volkwagen, Bord Gais, Goodbody Stockbrokers, FBD Insurance, Stena, Irish Country Hotels, Carlton Hotels, VHI, Bus Eireann as well as Dublin Zoo and the Mater Private Hospital are all being urged to withdraw their discounts for members of IFA Countryside.

All have been informed that IFA Countryside - a branch of the Irish Farmers Association - defends "field sports and country pursuits", including foxhunting and terrierwork. An IFA Countryside chairman is on record as saying that hunters should "sign up to an organization such as the IFA Countryside which will fight for the future of field sports [i.e. bloodsports] in this country."

In our correspondence to the companies, we stated: "We are confident that the vast majority of citizens who oppose bloodsports would agree that it is entirely inappropriate for you to offer discounts to those involved in animal cruelty - either directly or through a group such as IFA Countryside which defends this cruelty. We call on you to show compassion for Irish wildlife and immediately withdraw these discounts."

We went on to outline the suffering being caused to Irish wildlife by those engaged in bloodsports.

In foxhunting, foxes are chased to exhaustion by packs of dogs and when caught, are torn apart.

Terrierwork involves sending terriers below ground to attack and corner foxes in their earths. Hunters then dig the clay away and drag out the injured and bleeding foxes before brutally killing them - barbarity which all animal welfare groups in Ireland oppose.

Also flagged was IFA Countryside's connection to the cruel bloodsport of hare coursing (they offered an insurance package which included coursing) and its shameful defence of carted deer hunting (involving the use of a pack of dogs to chase domesticated deer).

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