Irish businesses: Stop supporting cruel hare coursing

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Businesses which sponsor hare coursing and advertise in coursing meeting booklets are helping to keep alive one of Ireland's worst forms of cruelty to animals.

In coursing, thousands of hares are forcefully captured from the wild in nets, held in captivity for weeks or months and forced to run for their lives from pairs of greyhounds.

Hares caught and hit by the muzzled dogs can suffer painful, life-ending injuries such as broken bones and dislocated hips. Every coursing season, hare injuries and deaths are documented. The hares who survive the coursing ordeal and are later released back to the wild are at risk of subsequently dying from the stress-related condition known as capture myopathy.

Shame on any business which supports hare coursing. Please sign our petition and contact the businesses directly to urge them to show compassion for the hares and end their support for a bloodsport which a majority in Ireland want outlawed.

Witness the cruelty of hare coursing


Urgently contact Minister Josepha Madigan and the National Parks and Wildlife Service and demand that they stop licensing hare coursing licence and end all forms of hare persecution.

Minister Josepha Madigan
Minister for Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht
Phone: +353 (0)1 631 3800
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John Fitzgerald
Director, National Parks and Wildlife Service
Phone: +353 (0)1 888 3242


The Irish Hare is a protected species but an exemption for coursing in the Animal Health and Welfare Act means coursers are not liable for prosecution for their cruelty. Join us in our call to the government to remove the exemption and provide full and permanent protection to this cherished species.

Contact An Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar and ask him to ban hare coursing and give permanent protection to hares.

An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar
Department of the Taoiseach,
Government Buildings,
Upper Merrion St, Dublin 2
Telephone: +353 (0)1-6194020
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Please contact all your local politicians and ask them to push for a ban on this blood sport. Encourage your friends, family and workmates to contact them too. Visit the Oireachtas website for names of TDs and their email addresses Write to your TDs at: Dail Eireann, Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. Tel: 01-618 3000 or 1890 337 889. Please also arrange a meeting with your TDs at their local clinics.