Stop allowing cruel foxhunting on your land

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The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is outraged that the Irish Army hosted a foxhunt at its Curragh Camp HQ. According to a report in the Irish Field, members of the army took part in the barbarism and even helped organise it.

The report, which included a photo of army officers standing next to foxhunters on horseback, outlined that "the Irish Army were out in force for the Kildare Foxhounds meet at the Curragh Camp." See the photo at

It went on to detail how foxes were pursued by hounds and “marked to ground” (this indicates that the terrorised foxes sought refuge underground). We can only speculate as to what happened to these foxes, but terriermen attached to the hunt typically arrive with spades to dig down to the fox. Terriers are sent underground to corner and attack the fox while the earth is dug away from above. The bleeding, injured fox is then pulled out of the ground and brutally killed.

The Irish Army must immediately cease involvement in this barbaric activity and stop allowing animal cruelty activities on its land.


Call on the Irish Army to prohibit animal cruelty on its property

Defence Forces Headquarters
Ceannt Barracks, Curragh Camp,
Co Kildare
Tel: +353 (0)45 44 5306
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