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Improve conditions in Irish puppy farms

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Puppy farming is an awful practice. There is no place for large scale commercial breeding of dogs in our society. That said, it is legal in Ireland and until the law changes (something that we are agitating for) we can only try to make sure that the conditions in these farms improve. We have been given an opportunity to do this with the review of the Guidelines under the Dog Breeding Establishment Act. And we need your support.  

We have drafted submissions which we believe will go a substantial way to improving the lives of bitches, studs and puppies on these farms. This petition is for the public to show support for what we are saying. The names on this petition will accompany the submissions that will be made to the Department of Local Government and Housing as part of the review process. 

The full submissions can be accessed from our Facebook page -  

Some of the key changes we are calling for are the following:

1. Proper enforcement of the law and the guidelines. In our view the single biggest problem in Ireland currently is the failure by many local authorities charged with adminstering the legislation, to properly enforce it.

2. A ban on the sale of puppies under the age of 8 weeks. The UK has just introduced such a ban - it's time for Ireland to do the same.

3. Banning third party sales. Most of the puppies bred in Ireland are sold in the UK (estimates put the figure at around 30,000 puppies per year). There is overwhelming scientific evidence that third party sales have a inherently negative impact on the health and welfare of the puppies.

4. Enforce the requirement for puppy farms to have planning permission before being licensed. Planning permission is essentially to make sure that kennels are properly constructed and have regard to a wide range of issues, including animal health and welfare. It is also takes into account the huge environmental impact that dog breeding has.

5. We propose a staff:dog ratio that actually allows the aims of the Guideline, particularly with regard to exercise and socialisation, and hygiene to be achievable. We think the proposed ratio of 1:30 is completely inadequate. We have proposed ratios of 1:15 where the dogs are intended for sale in Ireland and 1:10 where the dogs are intended for sale outside of the State (as they are required to be kept on the premises longer)

6. Better socialisation of breeding bitches so that they can be properly rehomed at the end of their breeding life.

7. A much more comprehensive exercise and socialisation programme to be developed in conjunction with a certified animal behaviourist.

8. An overhaul of the inspection regime. Inspections should be unannounced and conducted at least 3 times a year. Inspections should be carried out by a panel which includes an independent vet in private practice and an officer from a welfare organisation. 


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