Keep Husam in Canada: Help HustleCo Founder continue his mission

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Husam should be granted Permanent Residency status in Canada. Directed at IRCC Canada: Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

December 15th 2018 presented Husam with some unexpected news. His application for Permanent Residency in Canada was rejected. After coming to Canada in 2009 to pursue an engineering degree at McGill, learning English, living, and working in Canada continuously for 9 years, Husam’s residency in this country has been denied. It has not been denied for criminality, security or health reasons. Husam’s application has been denied because IRCC Canada allegedly does not recognize that Husam has obtained at least 1 year of skilled work experience in Canada.

For our business HustleCo and for Husam, this was an was an unexpected rejection. His work permit expires January 1st, 2019. Beyond this date, he will be prohibited from working on the business he built in Canada while living in this great country. Husam is critical to the business and its operations. He has an obligation not only to the company, but to our members, our clients, and our Calgary community to continue supporting our growing mission of empowering early stage entrepreneurs and supporting bold ideas.

Husam needs your support. HustleCo needs your support. Our community needs your support. Please sign this petition and pledge for Husam so the IRCC can reconsider his application for Permanent Residency in Canada. If you support Husam’s dream to continue growing this amazing community that supports entrepreneurs in Calgary and in the future Canada, please sign this petition. If you support Husam’s ability to stay in Canada and be granted his Permanent Residency, please pledge now.


Husam came to Canada from Jordan in 2009 to pursue a chemical engineering degree at McGill University in Montreal, QC. After being an integral part in the research department and student governments at University, Husam headed West to Calgary and obtained a job as a technical sales manager for an engineering software company on his post-graduation work permit. After 10 months into his career, he launched his own digital and inbound marketing company, QuadRipple, with his friend and business partner, Steve Paolasini. Upon working with more than 50 clients, both local and within Canada, Steve and Husam decided to diversify and open up another business, HustleCo, an accessible coworking and event space geared towards supporting early stage entrepreneurs, remote workers, and freelancers looking to join a collaborative workspace.

To extend his ability to work in Canada, Husam was able to obtain an owner-operator LMIA from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) to continue working legally in Canada. In accordance with an ECDC transition plan from an officer for foreign workers, Husam was to pursue and apply for his Permanent Residency through the Express Entry program as a self-employed individual. On December 15th, 2 weeks after his 27th birthday, Husam was rejected on the basis that he does not have at least 1 year of skilled work experience in Canada. His work permit expires January 1st, 2019 at which point he will not be able to continue his stay in Canada and work on the business he built here. Husam has spent 1/3 of his adult life in Canada and is on his 10th year. A grand total of more than 3000 days living in Canada, greater than 2200 days more than the minimum requirement to be eligible for Permanent Residency.

I believe common sense prevails in situations such as this, and it would be a fundamental breach of natural justice for Husam to not be able to stay in his home country and build his dream and run his business, HustleCo, a community building company for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers in this great country.