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Iraqi Interpreters/ Translators crisis


for the great service that the Iraqi interpreters gave for the US armed force by working as a great link between the Iraqi locals and US army members, wearing uniforms, ride in the same vehicles, eat the same food, staying in the camp for more than 21 days and go to see there families for 7 and some time carry weapons side by side with there brothers in the US Army fighting the same enemy with no good pay, no benefits and no health insurance.... tensgot killed by the AL-Qaeda and Jaish Al-Mahdi militias because the consider them a " spies for the Americans " and in fact the militias deeply know how important and valuable they are form the mission of the US Army in his war against the global terrorism. now most of them got killed after being tortured, some still live in Iraq under different name and identity and some got Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) for Iraqi and Afghan Translators/ Interpreters... after they arrived to united states they treated like any other immigrants from Mexico or Burma or any other countries without any benefits for the years they spend serving the united states government and its Army, some of them went back to Iraq after they shocked by the economical crises and the no support for the US government

Please watch this video by 60 minutes CBS about Iraq interpreters crise:

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