Save the Asiatic cheetah

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The Asiatic cheetah is a subspecies of cheetah that was once found from Arabia to India, but is now restricted to Iran. Sadly as of December 2017 there is estimated to be fewer than 50 individuals left in a few protected areas in eastern-central Iran. Unregulated hunting of the cheetah and it's prey, habitat degradation & fragmentation, overgrazing of the land by livestock in protected areas are all threats to their survival. Also mining & road development means that cheetahs are more likely to be killed or injured by traffic. Conflict between livestock herders and cheetahs becomes a issue outside the borders of the national parks and nature reserves. This is because wild goats are part of the cheetah's diet. If prey is thin on the ground, they will sometimes attack and kill domestic goats and sheep.  

Besides signing this petition to create momentum for saving this iconic cat, other solutions are making phone calls & writing letters to organizations like WWF, IUCN and Conservation International. We need to encourage them to work with the UN and the Iranian government to save and rebuild the cheetahs populations. Another way is to contact your government representative to fight against the illegal pet trade, and the selling of exotic animal skins and their body parts.       

As a person who cares deeply about the well being of wildlife, and the future of biodiversity on this planet, I feel determined to make sure we don't lose another subspecies of an iconic animal.