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Free the brilliant young Iranian physicist who got cancer in the prison!

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Omid Kokabee, a brilliant young Iranian physicist, is serving a ten year prison sentence apparently for his refusal to collaborate in military or nuclear research and as a result of spurious charges related to his legitimate scholarly ties with academic institutions outside of Iran Kokabee had been pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Texas, Austin, when he returned to Iran to visit his family. He was arrested in 2011and sentenced to prison in May 2012, after an unfair trial in a Revolutionary Court. While in detention he was held in solitary confinement, subjected to prolonged interrogations, and pressured to make a confession.

Amnesty International regards Omid Koabee as a prisoner of conscience and calls for his immediate and unconditional release.

Scientific organizations, such as the American Physical Society, four professional optics societies and the Committee of Concerned Scientists among others, have issued letters and petitions in support of Omid Kokabee. Omid Kokabee was awarded the Andrei Sakharov Prize from the American Physical Society for his courage in refusing to use his physics knowledge to work on projects that he deemed harmful to humanity, in the face of extreme physical and psychological pressure. In October 2014 he was awarded the Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award from American Association for the Advancement of Science. Omid Kokabee suffers from a number of serious health conditions including heart and kidney problems and has not received adequate medical care. He needed to be send to the hospital out of the prison to receive proper medical care. But, unfortunately, he was not allowed to leave the prison to receive necessary medical care. After several years of suffering and not receiving adequate medical care, recently he was diagnosed with Kidney cancer. Finally he was send to the hospital and his right kidney was removed because of malignant tumor. Now, if he goes back to the prison, his health will be in danger! Please sign this petition for the immediate release of Omid Kokabee!

امید کوکبی فیزیکدان و دانشجوی دوره دکترا در دانشگاه تگزاس وقتی‌ برای دیدن خانواده خود به ایران سفر کرده بود در تاریخ ۳۰ ژانویه ۲۰۱۱ دستگیر و در دادگاهی غیر عادلانه بدون مدارک لازم به جرم ارتباط با دول متخاصم و در آمد نامشروع به ۱۰ سال زندان محکوم شد. تحصیل او در آمریکا به عنوان ارتباط با دول متخاصم و دریافت بورسیه به عنوان در آمد نا مشروع عنوان گردید. طبق نامه‌هایی‌ که امید کوکبی از زندان نوشته دلیل دستگیری و اتهام او عدم همکاری با دولت جمهوری اسلامی در پروژه‌های اتمی‌ بوده است. امید کوکبی تا به حال برنده چندین جایزه معتبر از نهاد‌های علمی‌ گردیده و بسیاری از نهادهای معروف علمی‌ و حقوق بشری خواستار آزادی او شدند. امید کوکبی از بیماریهایی مانند ناراحتی‌ قلبی و کلیه رنج میبرد و هرگز درمان‌های لازم را دریافت نکرده است

امید کوکبی نیاز به اعزام به بیمارستان خارج از زندان برای دریافت درمانهای لازم داشته که این اتفاق هرگز نیفتاده است. بعد از سالها درد کشیدن و ردّ درخواست او مبنی بر اعزام به بیمارستان، اخیرا برای او تشخیص سرطان کلیه داده شده. بالاخره امید به بیمارستان اعزام و کلیه راست او به علت داشتن تومور بد خیم برداشته شده است. در این شرایط بازگشت امید به زندان برای او خطرات جانی به همراه خواهد داشت.

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