IPP ...Let my son rebuild his life. Abolish the IPP off him

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My son Shaun LLoyd, is a devoted father. He loves spending time with his family and he knows the value of it having been imprisoned for more than 8 years. Shaun was given a minimum of 2 years for robbery in January 2006.

He accepts he shouldn't have done it, and served his time. Despite this. We had to campaign until 2014 to get him out. This is because he is serving the Imprisonment for public protection (IPP). It means that there is no release date. He was just 18. 

Now Shaun desperately wants to rebuild his life.  But he can get recalled and thrown into prison at any time - without even committing a crime. Shaun has been put back in prison twice already.  

IPP sentences were abolished in 2012 but not retrospectively, meaning that thousands serving them have almost been forgotten about. Some like Shaun, who was given a minimum sentence of 2 years end up spending a decade there and it's easy for them to be susceptible to depression. With no hope or light at the end of the tunnel, Shaun tried to hang himself. Inmates advised him to take prescription drugs- to make the pain go away. Shaun left prison with a drug addiction. When he tried to seek help from probation, he was thrown back into jail.  

This tore the family apart- teachers told us that they noticed change in the kids behaviour. How could we tell them that he may never come home? Shaun is with us again, but he can be taken away from us again at any time.  

Politicians, including Nick Hardwick former chairman of the parole board have publicly expressed frustration at the governments failure to "get a grip" on IPPs .  When the sentencing was introduced it was meant for the most dangerous criminals- like perpetrators of sexual violence and terrorist.  It was not intended for people like Shaun. I am calling on the secretary of state for justice to resentence all Ipp prisoners, so those that will never be freed will have certainty and those that the ipp sentence was not meant for can be released on a licence suitable for the index offence      

Please sign this petition and put our families out of their misery. Thank you.