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iPhone 5 adapter should be free to customers and add legacy 30pin connector back to future IPhones.

Apple has released its IPhone 5 but also changed from the 30 pin connector to a new 8 pin connector called "lightning" which forces consumers of the new Iphone or Ipod products to purchase a new adapter in order to use existing IPhone or IPod docks, chargers, USB cables, etc. The customer would be unable to connect the new IPhone to their computer, travel charger, charging dock, IPhone clock radio device, IPhone speakers, etc. Purchasing the necessary adapter that Apple Inc. is offering will cost the consumer $29.

Also Apple Inc. needs to add the legacy 30 pin connector to future IPhone releases.  The iPhone should have dual connections to give the customers a choice of which connection they can utilize.  

Let's send Apple Inc. a message that their bottom line is not more important than the consumer! The consumers still have power so let's exercise it to send a message to Apple Inc. and other major corporations that they should consider the needs of their customers before making changes to products that force consumers to spend more money just for more profit!

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