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I want there to be more in depth look into how DHS handles reports of Child Abuse in Iowa. I also want it to be where DHS does not call ahead to let people that are being suspected of Child Abuse know they are coming over make it to where they come over unannounced. I want it that way so DHS has a better chance of catching Child Abuse. Sabrina Ray was a beautiful 16 year old girl that was killed by her adoptive parents on May 12, 2017. She was a child of God and she should not have been killed. DHS had been out to her house frequently from 2013- 2017. I have heard they were being investigated when Young Sabrina was killed. 

Sabrina Ray was one of five children who  resided in the home with her parents but she was beat and refused food the most. The day she died she only weighed 60 lbs. my 12 year old daughter weighs 100 lbs. she was very malnourished and something needs to change our children need protected. There were two other girls that were abused but not as much as Sabrina. Sabrina was forced to go without food for days, she would have to eat out of the garbage to get food. There are reports that she would be beat if she didn't do her chores. She would sneak food to try to get something to eat. 

When all this was happening there was a daycare being run there and my two children attended it. My 9 year old daughter has told me something's they have done. It is hard very hard to hear. I included the news story so you can read up on it. 

Please let's help our children make DHS take more time to look into child abuse our children need this. They are our future. No child deserves what Sabrina went thru or the other two girls.

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