SAVE IOWA HISTORY! Restore Funding for the State Historical Society of Iowa Libraries and Archives. Keep physical records of Iowa history accessible to all.

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SAVE IOWA HISTORY! Restore Funding for the State Historical Society of Iowa Libraries and Archives. Keep physical records of Iowa history accessible to all.

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Tyler Priest started this petition to Deputy Director, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs Chris Kramer (Deputy Director, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs) and

Reorganization plans for the State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI) endanger the preservation of Iowa history contained in diaries, letters, photographs, maps, oral histories and other materials housed at the Society's two libraries in Des Moines and Iowa City.  

Drastic reductions in operating hours and staff, the diversion of resources to unrelated activities, and recommendations to "streamline" the SHSI libraries threaten public access to the state's history.  Iowans risk being severed from their past. 

On behalf of all Iowans and others interested in the history of the greater Midwest, the Save Iowa History Alliance makes the following requests of the governor, legislature, and Department of Cultural Affairs, which oversees SHSI: 

1) PROVIDE sufficient and transparent funding to enable library and archive staff to conserve, process, and manage the SHSI’s valuable collections and acquire new ones.  Ensure that the research centers remain open to the public during regular business hours at least five days per week.

 2) PROTECT the precious SHSI collections of Iowa history against degradation, dispersion, and de-accessioning.  The DCA’s plans to renovate and reduce the size of the Des Moines Historical Building, and its woeful neglect of its Iowa City research center, present an immediate threat to the survival and accessibility of collections.  Give top priority to safeguarding the contents of the state’s history before allocating tax dollars that put them in jeopardy.

3) PRESERVE the institutional integrity of the SHSI by allowing the research centers, historic preservation office, museum, historic sites, and educational programs to interact together to serve Iowans.  

Thank you for signing the petition.  If you wish to make your voice more widely heard, write or call the Governor of Iowa, your Iowa state legislators, the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and/or the State Historical Society of Iowa. Tell them to restore the cuts to staff and hours of the SHSI libraries that have longed served the state so well. Insist that the DCA abide by the Mission Statement of the State Historical Society of Iowa under Iowa Code: 

"The State Historical Society of Iowa has a dual mission of preservation and education.  As a trustee of Iowa’s historical legacy, the SHSI identifies, records, collects, preserves, manages, and provides access to Iowa’s historical resources.  As an advocate of understanding Iowa’s past, the SHSI educates Iowans of all ages, conducts and stimulates research, disseminates information, and encourages and supports historical preservation and education efforts of others throughout the State."

Here are the key contacts:

Governor Terry Branstad, 515-281-5211, @terrybranstad

Mary Cownie, Director, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs,, 515-281-8741 

Chris Kramer, Deputy Director, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs,, 319-281-3223

Anthony Jahn, Iowa State Archivist,, 515-281-4895

Susan Kloewer, Administrator, State Historical Society of Iowa,, 319-281-8749 

Senator Jeff Danielson, Senate Chair, State Government Committee,, 319-231-7192 

Representative Guy Vander Linden, House Chair, State Government Committee,, 515-281-3221

Save Iowa History

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This petition had 3,469 supporters