Keep Child Molester Joseph Matthew Smith in Jail

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Joseph Matthew Smith, a convicted child molester is being released from Buena Vista County Jail because he now identifies as a woman. He now goes by the name “Josie” and has sexually abused 15 children, ranging from as young as one year old to 13 years old.

The Iowa Attorney General’s Office is setting him free because for the last two years, he has been undergoing gender reassignment surgery and has now been deemed to not be a threat or danger to children. Attorney general spokesman Lynn Hicks stated “We don’t believe we have evidence sufficient to prove Josie Smith has a significant chance of reoffending.” There is absolutely no actual way of telling this. This sex offender is being set free simply because they now identify as transgender.

This 23 year old individual is being set free because of the gender they identify as. This is an absolute disgrace to the justice system and is a disgusting way of brushing off the horrific events that innocent children endured. Children deal with trauma throughout their entire lives because of people like this. We cannot sit back and let this person be free. They need to be behind bars.

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