Ban the use of deforestation and palm oil products now!

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Hi. My name is Noah. I am 9 years old and I am not happy with the palm oil problem. Read on to hear my solution.

To make a change and stop the extinction of orangutans we must first do something. Imagine if everyone stopped buying palm oil products. What would companies like Wilmar and Mondelez do? They would have no choice but to ask the public: Why are you not buying our products anymore? And we would say: Because they have palm oil in them. Only then would they have to remove palm oil from their products. But this will only work if we completely clear all of our homes of palm oil products. If we only do this for a month or so it will not work and orangutans will go extinct. The only other place we will see them is in zoos, comics, or films. Then after a decade or so everyone will forget the orangutan and then it will be gone for good. So, sign this petition and make a change!