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Investigate Wheatland, Wyoming pig farm

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As a Wyoming native, I was deeply disturbed by the recent undercover footage from the Humane Society of the United States that shows what horrific animal abuse the society claims happened earlier this year at Wyoming Premium Farms, LLC. After watching this video, I was in extreme shock, as any person would be, but I was even more horrified that this happened less than 60 miles from where I live. I have created this petition as one small step to end this extreme cruelty. This footage shows a complete disregard for the pigs as living animals and this type of treatment should not be tolerated in Wyoming, or any other state.


Some alleged abuses shown in the video include:

- Employees smashing one piglet into the concrete floor six times before it was killed.

- An obese worker sitting on top of a pig that could not walk because of a broken back leg. She is shown bouncing up and down on the pig’s hindquarters as the pig screams.

- Pregnant pigs with severe rectal and uterine prolapses that did not get appropriate care.

- Pigs who died in their gestation crates, some without being noticed.



The entire video is located on the Humane Society’s website.  However, please be aware that the video contains deeply disturbing images.


Wyoming needs your help to tell the Platte County Sheriff’s office to investigate the actions of Wyoming Premium Farms, LLC and its employees. Wyoming also needs to be encouraged to ban the use of gestation crates for pigs, as 8 other states have already done so. These crates confine pigs in a two-foot wide space for nearly their entire lives, even preventing them from turning around. We are capable of so much more compassion towards these animals. Wyoming is full of wonderful people who truly care for animals. Let’s stand together against those who don’t do the same in our state. I have a goal of 568,158 signatures. This represents one signature for every person in Wyoming. Please help send a message to Wyoming Premium Farms, LLC. and to the industry that we won’t tolerate cruelty by signing this petition.

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