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Investigate US Consulate in San Salvador, El Salvador

Visa issuance after 601 approval can take more than 4 months while all other embassies issue visas within weeks of approval. This needs to be investigated and corrected. Legal immigration is already a long and draining process.

Letter to
US Dept of State
Consular Section - US Embassy San Salvador
US Dept. of State PA/PL Room 2206
Visa issuance should be a straight forward process that takes little to no time to do. Many intending immigrants, however, are stuck in a black hole if they're going through El Salvador to immigrate to the USA. Legal immigration takes long enough (can take years), why burden US citizen spouses and families of immigrants with an additional 4+ month wait time after I-601 Approval?

The San Salvador consulate has been taking anywhere from 3-5 months time to issue the visa after an approval of the I-601 waiver has been received. Many other consulates take merely weeks to issue the visa.

I am asking you investigate the lag in visa issuance through the San Salvador consulate. I am asking you to create a solution to the problem of months long visa issuance. I am asking you to try and streamline the process so that families can be reunited quicker and so that the last step of the process takes a normal, standard amount of time instead of 4+ months.

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