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Investigate the Daily Mail Allegation that Harvey Proctor Assaulted a Moroccan Boy

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1.0        We, the undersigned, call on the UK and Moroccan authorities to investigate the Daily Mail allegation that a 40-year-old then- MP, (Keith) Harvey PROCTOR, raped or sexually assaulted an underage North African child while on a March 1987 visit to Agadir, Morocco.

Today alleged child sex predator Keith Harvey PROCTOR is 73. His date of birth is recorded as 16 January 1947.


2.0        In March 1987 Mr Keith Harvey PROCTOR stayed in Agadir, Morocco at what is now the Odyssey Park hotel but was then the Ali Baba hotel, according to media reports. He is understood to have been allocated room 101.

"A hotel security guard caught Mr PROCTOR with a naked 15-year-old local boy hiding under his bed."

Rape or sexual assault was committed on the terrified naked Moroccan boy, reports strongly intimate. See, for example,

The Daily Mail's caption and photograph are provided at the top of this Petition. The Daily Mail caption states:

  • "The [Daily] Mail goes back to the hotel where 28 years ago Harvey Proctor was found with an underage boy in his hotel room whilst on holiday in Morocco. Inside room 101, at what is now the Odyssey Park Hotel but was [then] the Ali Baba in Agadir, Morocco. This is the room where Proctor was found with the underage boy. The picture was taken with the permission of the hotel."


3.0        We respectfully call on the UK and Moroccan authorities to investigate the alleged sexual assault of a Moroccan child by a then- MP, Keith Harvey PROCTOR, in Agadir Morocco in March 1987, as per the Daily Mail allegation.