Investigate the 2016 Central Park Explosion as an Act of Terrorism

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Law enforcement has yet to apprehend those responsible for the July 3, 2016 explosion in Central Park that claimed my son’s leg.  This horrible incident bears the telltale signs of domestic terrorism:  the explosive is the same homemade material (TATP) used in the Paris, Brussels and Manchester terrorist attacks and the explosion occurred on a national holiday weekend in one of the most heavily visited public parks in the U.S. within a city targeted by terrorists.  

Yet investigators refuse to classify this as a domestic terrorism case.  The FBI is equipped with the investigative powers, resources and know-how to conduct domestic terrorism investigations, but it has chosen to stay in the background, leaving the New York Police Department to serve as investigative lead. True, no suspect was observed fleeing the scene shouting “Allahu akbar“ and ISIS did not claim responsibility, but we surely prolong the battle against domestic terrorism if terrorism investigations are limited to such clear-cut cases.  

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