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Investigate systematic child abuse at Midwest Academy


Midwest Academy (Keokuk, IA) was recently closed following the execution of a search warrant by multiple state and federal agencies in response to a claim of sexual abuse of a child by a staff member. That they retaliated against an employee for reporting this to the proper authorities is emblematic of a system which punishes and dismisses all criticism and complaints as "manipulation".

While apologists will portray the serious allegation which led to this investigation as either fabrication or an isolated incident, the sad reality is that such crimes have and will always occur when children are denied contact with the outside world and held to be liars and manipulators without exception. Midwest Academy is the fourteenth WWASP-affiliated program to close after intervention from authorities to investigate abuse.

Programs like Midwest Academy are not structured to produce success, but rather success stories. When the testimonials used to conceal and rationalize abusive practices are finally seen as evidence of their use the true nature of this horror will be laid bare. Emotional abuse and cult-like indoctrination never saved anyone's life.

We support all investigating agencies in their pursuit of the truth and urge them to treat all complaints with the grave seriousness they deserve.

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  • Iowa State Fire Marshal Division
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  • Iowa Department of Human Services
  • Lee County Sheriff
  • Iowa Department of Public Safety

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