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Investigate school officials' actions in Sandusky case

In the spring of 2008, Aaron Fisher, then a freshman at Central Mountain High School in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania; revealed that former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky had been molesting him since he was 12 years old. However, when Aaron told his mother and school principal Karen Probst about what had happened, Probst told Aaron and his mother, Dawn Daniels, to "go home and think about it" rather than go to the police.

As the investigation unfolded, it emerged that Sandusky, who was volunteering with the football team, had taken Aaron out of class on numerous occasions, even going as far as to take him off campus. Vice principal and head football coach Steve Turchetta never informed Daniels that this was happening. Even when Turchetta grew suspicious about Sandusky's behavior, he did not make any further inquiries and continued to allow him to take kids out of class. Probst did not see to it that Daniels was informed about Sandusky taking Fisher out of class.

Three years later, during Fisher's senior year, Daniels learned that some other students, apparently blaming Fisher for getting Penn State coach Joe Paterno fired, had threatened to beat her son up. When it didn't appear that Probst was taking the threat seriously, Daniels was forced to remove Fisher from school.

Based on what is publicly known, Probst and Turchetta appear to have been grossly derelict in their basic duty to protect the safety and welfare of students. The only way to know more is if the Keystone Central School District mounts a full investigation.

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