Investigate King Neptune's Pet World

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This business has been selling sick animals for years. Animals found with bloody stool and vomiting, shaking, etc. Countless reports have been given by many former customers. Recently, this business is attempting to sell what appears to be a double dapple Dachshund, a breed that results from two dapple Dachshunds mating. This causes many medical issues like blindness, deafness, etc. They were attempting to sell this breed, without any disclosure about the potential medical conditions, for $2500. The business was contacted about this particular dog & they dismissed the concerned people. King Neptune's even deleted and blocked concerned people on Facebook. They have now deleted their Facebook page. Regardless if this particular dog has health issues or not, there are numerous reports of this incident and many others regarding sick animals dating years ago found on Google reviews and Yellow Pages. This owner has been getting away with this for too long, & it is time to make it known & do something about it. These helpless animals need to be rescued now.