Investigate First Transit/Transit Plus & Their Mistreatment of Chester J. Bande

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First Transit/Transit Plus needs an independent investigation. The examples I listed below are factual and happened to my father who had hydrocephalus and dementia. The mistreatment of our elderly and disabled is not acceptable and our tax dollars fund the Transit Plus program.

Examples of First Transit/Transit Plus Poor Policies, Procedures & Management:

The transit drivers are unable to assist a client in the Transit Plus bus even in a life threatening situation. On April 9, 2012, my father was left with his seat belt around his neck on his way home because the driver stated that he could not assist my father because of Transit Plus's Policy this was witnessed by my nephew, Jim.

Long hours on the transit bus for my father sometimes up to 2 hours on his way home.

Untrained and poorly paid transit drivers.

Transit Drivers not assiting him on and off the bus.

Transit drivers dropping off my father at wrong locations.

My father being left at his drop off location and Transit Plus forgetting to pick him up.

Different Transit drivers never consistent.

Please sign this petition and give a voice to those who can't, our elderly and disabled love ones. First Transit/Transit Plus needs to be investigated this is just what one person experienced. The cameras on these buses do not run unless the bus is in an accident. We are requesting that the cameras are running at all times so that those who are disabled are safe. Can you imagine how many other people have experienced the same mistreatment or worse.

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