Stop Suicide in the Service Industry (Plymouth)

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The current general manager of the union rooms Plymouth and his attitudes towards mental health and the treatment of his employees and customer is disgusting in the opinion of Gateway & Phoenix. we are a new company who hopes to change societies attitudes towards mental health in workplaces specialising in hospitality industry is in particular and primary school education.

Dismiss or suspended without pay until a full investigation has been made.

As shown from the evidence, I hope you will support our campaign for any other information please send an email to me at

I started this petition because…
Statement of Intent
My vision is that we are all fair. It isn't fair that many union room staff have tried to kill themselves. It isn't fair that we have been groped sexually and physically assaulted. It isn't fair to say that behaviour is a result of clothing choice gender or because we are too sensitive. Why have my friends been burned by unsafe equipment, shelves have crushed a member of staff and if both myself and a duty manager were luckily there to potentially save his life. We are made to feel guilty when we go off sick as we are ‘too short staffed’ at the moment and are not team players. My ex manager has a motto: if you're not sweating, you’re not working hard enough. My motto is drinking vodka with antidepressants and leaving scars on my arm means I'm working more than hard enough we are working ourselves to death in fact.

I have been called every name under the sun, glass bottles have been thrown at us and we've been stalked on social media for not serving someone quick enough. Now I would never drink there again as I sympathise partly with customers who just wants to drink but they have to wait 20 minutes.

Ice machines contain black mould, food is dropped on the floor and put back on the plate. The pub is called a shit-hole by a general manager who sits in an office all day and micromanages his employees through CCTV to ‘maximise income’.

A dirty pub sets all of our anxiety on edge and we can't wait to be bullied down our earpiece. If we're perfect employees, we’re are still victimised if we are not a ‘favourite’. We had to give 6 weeks’ notice to book a holiday and 3 weeks to book a day off how is anyone supposed to have a social life. Group chats are considered gross misconduct and having one is apparently ‘bullying’. More like censorship for control. I do not exclude. Anyone or everyone can join our cause including the General manager if he apologises and wants to change.

Join us and boycott union rooms for the right reasons. It's not worth dying for, for the sake of ensuring food is served in no less than 10 minutes, the pub is consistently over capacity in my opinion considering tables are blocking a major fire exit, I would strongly advise anyone in the EHO, fire department or council to investigate the union rooms as safety concerns have sent us on edge and speaking to a manager will just get you discouraged as you never feel listened to. Training is non existent, duty managers are run into the ground. Team Leaders are being made to run the pub by themselves, associates are made to follow orders without question. If we disagree, we are being negative and not being part of a team and therefore undesirable.

This year of work has been the best and worst year of my life, alcohol, drugs and attempted suicide was one of the low moments. I have tried to find help and support within the management team and within other external sources and unfortunately, we only have ourselves to help each other through such dark period. Some need some perspective tor standing up for what is fair. The highlight of my career is standing up for what I believe in and I feel like I've already won if conditions improved. But to all, please treat everyone with respect including those in hospitality don't call me a **** Sharon just because your pink gin doesn't have a strawberry in it. My friend shouldn't be told he is a minimum wage worker who will never amount to anything in life we are all broken but we're stubborn. We will not back down and will no longer be forced out for questioning what is fair. Those who have tried to change, I commend you but you’re moving too slowly. its 2019. You are not worth my time union rooms and you're certainly not worth my blood.