Investigate corruption within WorkCover.

Investigate corruption within WorkCover.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Donna Saunders

We've all heard negative stories about WorkCover and their insurance companies. 

We all know at least 1 person who has been severely impacted by WorkCover's gross negligence, corruption and incompetence.

WorkCover needs to be investigated for Corruption, especially EML.

Changes need to be made.

Here's my story.

I'm a nurse injured on the job. 

I developed significant R) hip pain when getting out of the Work Car. As a Community Nurse, this could be several times per day, average 8 patients per day, plus toilet breaks, lunch break, 50-100 stairs per day, not to mention the extra time spent in our cars during Covid because lockdowns caused cafes, eateries, parks to close and we were encouraged to spend as little time in client's homes to reduce the risk of catching Covid. I sustained significant tendonitis.

I then injured my back on a Bariatric client with alternating mobility issues.

I sustained a bulging disc, touching a nerve as shown in CT scan.

The pain was so severe, at worst I could not even walk to the toilet unaided, I could not stand to do the dishes, or bend to feed my dogs, I could not drive my daughter to school, I struggled to shower and dress myself, I couldn't even sit for long, sometimes I could manage 30 mins before the pain got so severe. And when I could sit, getting up was incredibly painful.

Both these injuries combined, felt like my entire lower body had given up on me. 

The pain at times was unbearable.

WorkCover's 'independent' doctor (occupational physician Dr David Fitzgerald) diagnosed me with an "underlying, undiagnosed, auto-immune condition" believing I had Sacroiliitis from Rheumatoid Arthritis, over a 30 min Zoom consultation and EML rejected my claim.

I was devastated receiving this life altering, permanent diagnosis.

I did not leave my couch or stop crying for the entire weekend. From 5pm Friday when I received email, until Monday when I made an app with my GP for referrals for tests.

 I paid for MRIs and bloods to prove I did not have any of the conditions he said I had.

MRI proved I did not have any issues with my sacroiliitic joints and that my facet joints were irritated, which was consistent with my WorkCover application. Full multiple auto-immune blood tests all came back negative/normal. 

I provided this medical evidence to EML and they rejected me again claiming I still have these conditions. 

Internal review was a waste of time. They've totally ignored my MRI results, my blood results, my GP reports and my Osteopath reports. 

Conciliation went well, although Spokesperson for EML Nick's opening sentence was a blatant lie which I proved wrong immediately.

His opening sentence was that he had not received anything from my GP stating my injuries and what caused them, yet I had WorkCovers report they requested from my GP themselves right Infront of me, which I may add, did not provide to me despite my many requests.

They only provided to my Union Rep just prior to Conciliation hearing.

I requested a second IME review in person through EML and they rejected my request.

I believe because they know the truth will come out with a second opinion.

Dr Fitzgerald is a Occupational Physician, but I should have been seen by a Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in my injuries.

Dr Fitzgerald diagnosing me with Rheumatoid Arthritis which I may or may not develop in 10-20 years, is no different to diagnosing me with cancer that I may develop in the the future also.

It was a safe bet, as Rheumatoid Arthritis does develop in my age group, as well as rumours that Auto-immune diagnosis has increased dramatically since the COVID-19 vaccinations.

However my MRI and Bloods prove I do not have any of these conditions.

How can a Doctor's diagnosis via a 30 min Zoom consult outweigh Medical Scans and Pathological reports?

It's absurd.

I am 95% physically recovered now, but went many months totally incapacitated with no income, plus all my out of pocket medical expenses.

I believe I could have recovered quicker had EML not kept stalling my application and I was provided with the appropriate Rehabilitation in a timely manner.

The corruption is rife throughout EML, we all know their reputation.

WorkCover is meant to help the injured, not cause the unneeded psychological anguish.

 I almost lost my job also. Had I not been able to prove I was improving, my employer was not going to keep me employed on light duties due to WorkCover rejecting my claim.

I am now taking Anti-depressants, Anti-anxiety medications, seeing a psychologist and had a nervous & emotional breakdown.

My nervous system literally broke down, causing internal and sometimes external tremours. I still get them now when stressed.

All this is from the stress caused from WorkCover.

I am back at work, although I do take things easier, there's still things around the house I can't do, and still can't walk my dog or do gardening etc.

I can't sit for extended periods and still require anti-inflammatories and pain relief, 5+ months post injury.

But what I don't understand the most is I keep being told that even if I did have an existing condition, that if work exacerbates that condition, then by law, I should be covered by WorkCover.

Hence again, making an auto-immune condition a safe diagnosis by Workcover, but as proved, this was a misdiagnosis.

I am a nurse, mother & wife.

I am helping everyone everyday, but I feel like I've been left to rot like an old, necrotic, amputated toe.

And I am one of the lucky ones.

There are many worse off than me.

Many that are permanently incapacitated and having to fight WorkCover regularly to receive or continue to receive their measly payments.

Please sign this petition and let our voices be heard.

Help make a change to WorkCover.

WorkCover was meant to help people sustaining Workplace injuries, not treat us like criminals, needing to prove our innocence.


294 have signed. Let’s get to 500!