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One rabbit dies of overdose, a second dead from a broken back, two more rabbits found dead in restraint stocks! Over 20,000 guinea pigs used in painful experiments WITHOUT anesthesia!

The treatment of animals at this facility illustrates attitudes of severe carelessness and negligence that must be punished! So that significant changes can be made!

 Demand that the USDA Directors—Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer (919) 855-7100, and Dr. Robert Gibbens—take the most severe action allowable under the Animal Welfare Act and immediately begin the process of issuing a fine against the Wuxi Apptec company upon the completion of their investigation!


Letter to
Director, Eastern Region, USDA/APHIS/AC Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer
Director, Western Region, USDA/APHIS/A Dr. Robert Gibbens
Through information provided by Michael A. Budkie, the Executive Director of SAEN, who has filed an Official Complaint against the Wuxi Apptec company of St. Paul, MN — — I have learned that the staff of the Wuxi Apptec company has engaged in negligence that has taken the life of several animals.

There are clear and numerous examples of violations of the Animal Welfare Act—animals who “upon injection of the test article the animal has a severe reaction… experienced a significant electrolyte imbalance due to a sample preparation error"; were "found dead in the rabbit stocks during testing"; "found dead in the cage during daily observations"; and “found to have a vertebral fracture during daily observations”.

Undoubtedly, the manner in which these animals were handled, by placing a potentially toxic chemical compound inappropriately (possibly in the lungs), causing death, would qualify as causing “physical harm or unnecessary discomfort.” Constituting clear violations of Section 2.38 (f)(1) Miscellaneous which states: “Handling of all animals shall be done as expeditiously and carefully as possible in a manner that does not cause trauma, overheating, excessive cooling, behavioral stress, physical harm, or unnecessary discomfort.”

Section 2.32 (a) Personnel Qualifications states “It shall be the responsibility of the research facility to ensure that all scientists, research technicians, animal technicians, and other personnel involved in animal care, treatment, and use are qualified to perform their duties. This responsibility shall be fulfilled in part through the provision of training and instruction to those personnel.” Clearly, the personnel at the Wuxi Apptec company are NOT performing their duties as defined by the Animal Welfare Act.

I respectfully insist a full investigation and the most severe action allowable under the Animal Welfare Act be immediately taken against Wuxi Apptec!

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