Introduce Sex education for both boys and girls

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Rape is the most common crime in the country today, and the fact that India is the ‘rape capital’ proves it and it will continue to be until we spread awareness about it. We need sex education in our curriculum because perpetrators involved in such crimes often have a wrong notion about sex or are misguided which makes them choose wrong ways to satisfy their biological needs. 
Its something thats needed for the entire population of the country regardless of their caste, class, religion, gender or economic background, but the least we can do is introduce it in the academic curriculum of our school because the problem keeps increasing due to the fact that no one’s ready to talk about it.
Moving on from the awkwardness and stigma of talking about it is the need of the hour to help students feel more informed and make safer choices.

Its time we realize sex-ed is important to educate the youth and actually make a difference because it has shown to help students, not hurt.