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Introduce free tampons and sanitary products

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Tampons and sanitary products are essentials for most people who experience menstruation every single month but we still have no other option but to pay for them, it might not seem like much but for someone who doesn't have much money or any at all - it all adds up.  

From a health clinic you are able to pick up contraception including condoms, FOR FREE, yet you are not able to find free sanitary products for when it is your time of the month. The main aim of this campaign is to open people's eye's and realise that tampons and sanitary products are a basic human right which everyone who has periods should be entitled to at no cost but the people who will benefit most from this campaign are the people on a low income and the homeless. As we face another £12 billion worth of austerity cuts to the poorest in society I really think this is another valid reason to push this campaign forward.

As well as health clinics I also agree that tampons and sanitary towels should also be made available in food banks or any readily accessible place for people who really struggle financially. There's not a specific place where I think they have to be available as long as they are available somewhere which is easily accessible for anyone who needs them.  

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