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Introduce basic political education into the education system.

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According to the BBC the number of 18-25s who voted in this year's General Election was 58%, up from 44% in 2010.

However, there is still a large majority of young people out there who do not hold a basic knowledge of the political system and are vastly disengaged. We have witnessed some people stating they were voting in this election but didn't know why and nor did they understand what they were voting for; some admitting that they were voting but didn't know what manifestos and policies were, the difference between a PM and MP, nor what left and right wing meant.

If we want to engage more people and address the disengagement amongst some young people then we need to appropriately educate them by introducing effective political education in schools so that they are able to make an informed decision.

Currently Citizenship/PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) lessons - which were partially implemented to cover this - are failing; they are often more gravitated to focusing on the individual's relationship in society and less so political structures which dominate it.

The lesson need not be an intensive study of UK government and politics but it is important that an impartial education in the basics of politics and political history is understood so that they are given an introduction into democracy, the role of a PM/MP, the differences between key concepts and the history that has shaped the politics we have today.

Furthermore, this need not be a lesson of its own either. It is already a small part of Key Stage 3 and 4 courses but potentially not enough time is given to it on the curriculum. Improvement could aid in increasing participation in elections, with those young people using their knowledge and understanding of party politics to form their own opinions rather than relying heavily on the prejudices in the media, as well as allowing them to feel more involved in society.

We want further change by the 2020 election, with more young people becoming engaged in politics and a further reduction in apathy, so therefore we ask that action is taken to introduce compulsory political education into the UK education system. 

Katie, Tara and the team.


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